The Hunting Party is a US Guild that welcomes all travelers! The philosophy of the guild is to give a diverse community to those who enjoy the group aspects of WoW. Our goal as a casual guild is to form multiple groups, both 5man and raids, who can tackle PVE content. Our initial casual raid group will aim to at least full clear raids before the next raid release.

The number one thing we look for in guild members is an understanding that while participating in guild events that you will respect people's time. This means showing up on time for raids/dungeon groups, showing up as prepared as your time investment allows, not dying or causing wipes to easily avoided mechanics due to a lack of attention, and having a basic understanding of how not to be bad. If you can follow these rules then you are welcome in almost any of our guild runs.

As for a social atmosphere, we do not hide from the vulgar or raunchy. As long as the people in that particular chat are cool with the jokes or overall attitude, you can be yourself. Now hardcore discrimination will not be tolerated. There is some ground where the dark humor in us all can come out. Just be considerate if someone asks you to stop or are asked to stop by an officer.

Want more details? Message me on discord! Trademarkd#4453
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