First and foremost - Thanks for reading this thread!

My Twitch community and I have decided that we are going to go all out and create a guild environment that is just as fantastic as our community. We have an experienced Guild Master, who has raided in WoW for 10+ years experiencing many Top 20 world finishes, Server firsts, ect. While we don't intend to go fully hard core - we do expect to complete and content and compete.

We have locked down some fantastic raid leaders with original classic wow experience (Myself included) - We have very strong PvP backgrounds as well. We have strong developers - that intend to create a discord bot for keeping track of DKP for raids. Big plans for <Syndicate> and we want you!

Anyone is welcome to join - it takes a lot to raid in classic, no experience? No problem - we can help get you there.

Please join us in discord for pre-release discussions!