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    Cancer ive seen so far in Competive - Role Lock - Sigma

    All in competitive role lock mode

    1. had a dps who "hasnt played in a year" ... Q immediately for competitive
    2. tanks with lv 1 endorsement (tanks/healers usually get lots of endorsements) which was a red lag)
    3. "DC's" that kept re-entering the game so that match wouldnt automatically end.
    4. Ppl thinking "its time i see how good/bad i am in other roles".... that Q for a role they arent good at ... and create misery for the other 5 players.
    5. alll day new sigma players.......some actually practiced sigma.... others are picking him for "lol new hero - gotta try in comp"
    6. *ADDED #6-- had a dps have full health >>> walk out n get his face banged >>>> spammed "i need healing" >>> got full health >>> put his face back out again >>> got face fucked >>> spammed "i need healing >>> never got anything done.... i.e. waste of healing investment until the match ended.

    it might be a good idea for the role lock Q hype to die down just a little bit.....let ppl sort themselves out.... then go into Role lock after things are established.
    "Returning players get their fix"
    "let the slower ppl actually learn sigma"
    "let ppl realize what role they're actually bad at... so they stop Q'ing for it"
    ....there's nothing i can say/do about lv 1 endorsement players....but it would be nice if you could also have a Endorsement lvl Lock in addition to role lock so you're not Q'ed with some guy who was recently reported for being toxic.....

    or players who havent played since endorsements came out.....
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    Aside from number 4, how are any of those to blame role lock when they were already happening without role lock. I think role lock and 2-2-2 is doing pretty well, and was much needed.
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    I mean it's also a beta. It's not even "real" competitive.

    And endorsements mean nothing.

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    Your attitude seems pretty toxic tbh. Maybe leave for a bit and let the people who are enjoying themselves play.

    I've had tonnes of fun stomping all the people who have recently come back because of role lock, my support SR just tripped and fell into diamond which is nice.

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    Role Lock Test Season in progress >>>> complains about people testing new things

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    TFW someone actually creates a post to complain about people testing things on the beta realm.
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    Thats why you have ranking system. If people try other roles and characters and play bad, they have low rank. If you are stuck among them you have no right to complain because you are as bad as they are.

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    Complain about others but unable to carry your team huh..

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    Well... i do agree that Role Lock have it details, but also have in mind, that this is a test season, so don't mind it that much, it is bound to have much problem, also the fact that its a test season, mean that people see this comp matches as "It doesn't count, its a test"

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    Imagine thinking that endorsements mean anything in this game.

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    We have a "how are you games going" megathread to talk about your good and bad experiences. I'm sorry you've had some bad experiences, but this doesn't warrant a dedicated thread.

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