View Poll Results: Your favorite zone on the continents of Eastern Kingdoms?

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  • Elywann Forest

    4 3.17%
  • Dun Morogh

    6 4.76%
  • Tirisfal Glades

    5 3.97%
  • Silverpine Forest

    7 5.56%
  • Loch Modan

    4 3.17%
  • Westfall

    10 7.94%
  • Redridge Mountains

    4 3.17%
  • Duskwood

    22 17.46%
  • Hillsbrad Foothills

    8 6.35%
  • Wetlands

    0 0%
  • Alterac Mountains

    1 0.79%
  • Arathi Highlands

    2 1.59%
  • Stranglethorn Vale

    25 19.84%
  • Swamp of Sorrows

    1 0.79%
  • Hinterlands

    3 2.38%
  • Searing Gorge

    4 3.17%
  • Blasted Lands

    1 0.79%
  • Burning Steppes

    3 2.38%
  • Eastern / Western Plaguelands

    15 11.90%
  • Deadwind Pass

    1 0.79%
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    The darkness, the fact that werewolves could kill you just by taking a wrong turn. The caves and the cemetaries matching very well with the darkness around. Very immersive zone!

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    I love most of the original Lordaeron zones: Tirisfal, Silverpine, Hillsbrad and my favorite being Eastern / Western Plaguelands. Looking forward to revisit these zones in Classic.

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    Duskwood just because of Stitches oneshotting you when you afked your character on the road.
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    Duskwood. My very first death was in Duskwood.
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    Surprised Westfall isn't more towards the top. no more tornado thingy!
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    I didn't have to look at the rest of the names the moment I looked at Dun Morogh. Easily.

    It was the first zone I ever entered when I loaded up WoW back in 2005, leaving Coldridge Valley and being engulfed by this large world before me, it blew my mind, also I remember questing there and it was night time and that mind injecting music hit your speakers.

    2:00 mark

    The crunching sounds of your feet in the snow and the quiet eerie nature of the zone combined with the first time climbing that mountain and seeing the gates of Ironforge... No other video game has managed to make me capture that sort of moment. As I had only heard about Ironforge from Wasrcraft 2 or Warcraft 3 before this. And now I was seeing it!

    And of course Dwarves
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    My hearthstone was always in Darkshire. Close enough to SW, Booty Bay, moody atmosphere, stitches was always good fun and it was always funny to watch horde players trying to wipe out the town get nuked by the overwhelming number of guards. Neckbeard rambling about this weeaboo trash

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    The Plaguelands. Love the stories of the two zones, and they feature my favorite dungeons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bluespiderman57 View Post
    It’s got to be Duskwood. It had the best atmosphere, the best locations, the best stories(especially for that early in leveling), great characters( Jitters, Sven, Stalvan, Mor’ladim, Stitches), and some great elite quests.
    Kind of agree, probably the best zone ever when I think about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CrawlFromThePit View Post
    Searing Gorge and Burning Steppes together, IMO they feel like one giant zone, split by a crazy dungeon area. I like the look of these places, the mobs and the quests, also their lore. I farmed the drakes a lot on my hunter, fun time.
    What I liked about those two zones was once you realized that each one was occupied by the armies of the two forces who are fighting over control of Blackrock Mountain. Nefarian and his Dark Horde slaves control Burning Steppes and Blackrock Spire. While Ragnaros and his Dark Iron slaves control Searing Gorge and Blackrock Depths. These two groups were each other's enemies as well as the Horde's/Alliance's. IIRC in the Cata revamp you even did a long questline for a nobleman in Searing Gorge who turned out to be a black dragon striking at his master's dwarven enemies.

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    Very difficult for me to choose a single favorite.

    Most of the lower level dwarf zones are very memorable for me because my first character was a dwarf, and I mostly went through those. I didn't even touch Elwynn Forest or Westfall until I got around to rolling my first alt. So Dun Morogh, Loch Modan, and Wetlands are favorites.

    I remember thinking it was really cool the first time I saw Plaguelands too. When you started getting close, you'd see these "DANGER! PLAGUELANDS AHEAD!" signs everywhere, so there was a sense of danger. And as someone who came to WoW from WC3, I thought it was really cool to see some of the old Plaguelands towns that I remember "saving" in WC3 missions.

    I guess I'd go with Loch Modan if you held a gun to my head and gave me 3 seconds to choose. It was "home" to me for a long time because my PC throughout most of Classic WoW couldn't handle Ironforge or other big cities. I had my hearthstone set to Thelsamar for a good while because of this, even after I hit 60.
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    While the plaguelands are the best story wise, I have very fond memories of questing in Redridge Mountain. There is still quite a few similarities to the questlines back then compared to the revamped one, I always think back when I go there nowadays.
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    Duskwood terrified me the first time I walked into that zone. I got brave at level 8 or 9 and decided to try and cross the river between Elwynn and Duskwood. I got most of the way over when the lighting and music changed. Goosebumps instantly appeared, and then I saw the skull level wolf heading at me and I just panicked. Ran back across the river into a pack of murlocs and died.
    I really like Tirisfal Glades and Silverpine as well (I love the darker, creepy zones), but Duskwood is at the top of my list for that reason.

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    Nostalgia - Khaz Modan - First time seeing IF off in the distance gave me feels
    Aesthetically - Silverpine - I've just always like the tranquil but eerie vibe of that zone
    Gameplay - Stanglethorn - Zone is always nuts, a wild shit-show that's been dearly missed

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