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Thread: Phases duration

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    Phases duration

    I briefly checked the AMA answers and I was surprised that nobody mentioned anything about how long will each phase last.

    Based on the original Vanilla lasted 26 months (source: WoWWiki), I think Classic will also last about two years, about 4 months per phase. Of course they will try to alternate retail patch releases with Classic phase realeases to keep sub numbers high in long term.

    What is your opinion and why?
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    I don't think each phase will last the same length of time, phase 2 doesn't need to be as long as phase 3, same with phase 4, raid phases may last longer. Also there is no way phase 5 (aq40) is only lasting 4 months, you still have to open the gate before you can start farming gear and releasing naxx that quick would be a bad idea

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    My personal only gripe is having to wait for BG’s. Yeah I understand authenticity blah blah; but why make us test them so extensively if they are still half a year or so out?

    Can’t wait for classic but I definitely would’ve put one BG in p1

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    It's because they've already answered. They will monitor progression and drop them when they feel right. No set duration.

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    Phase 1 and 2 will prob be 2-3 months. Phase 3 4 and 5 will prob be 4+

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