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    [Spriest] How do i improve? Log and details incl - help me stop being a grey parser!


    Im looking to improve as Spriest. I honestly dont know where my mistake(s) is, so now im here asking for some help.

    - Ive read Icy Veins guide a thousand times.
    - Im doing my own warcraftlog parses and putting them into wowanalyzer. Wowanalyzer aint coming back with any good recommendations how to improve.
    - Im using Hekili as a general rotation helper.
    - Im using raidbots simming many times a day to check different items, talents etc.

    A log :

    (yes im aware of the missing food/flask, but that alone will not take my grey log to a purple log - where i want to end up)

    Im the Spriest named : Inzhane

    Please, can someone give me a point on how to improve. Im tired of grey logs, and wowanalyzer aint helping me at all.

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    You're not necessarily doing something wrong, it's probably moreso a fault of your raid, so to speak. Take a look at the rankings for Shadow Priests for this boss, for your item level bracket (433-435) specifically:


    You'll notice that the major difference between those kills and yours is the kill time. Your raid needed 06:48 to kill a boss where raids of high ranking shadow priests kill the same boss in ~4 minutes, almost 3 minutes faster. That alone will make you have a grey log just about every time. Your raid is running 5 healers for a 20 man set up where high logging raids will have 3 healers for the same amount of people.

    Essentially, even if you played this kill perfectly, your log would still look shit. The majority of the "problem" is down to your raid being way too slow killing this boss. (I'm saying "problem" in quotation because your raid is still killing the boss, so it's less of a problem and more of a want to improve yourself really)

    Now that is not to say that you can't improve stuff, you most certainly can, but I wanted to lead with that because it's the bigger issue. Here's a few things I noticed you can improve:

    - Obviously Food/Flask but you said this yourself
    - Your debuff uptime for VT/SWP is lacking. Even on your primary target, which appears to be Pashmar, you only reached just under 92% and on Silivaz you're at 85%. Your dots do most of your damage, so missing this uptime means you are missing a lot of DPS.
    - Your Mechagon trinket could use replacing with a better one
    - Your Azerite traits are suboptimal. You want way more Chorus of Insanity and Spiteful Apparitions

    Have a look at https://warcraftpriests.github.io/ and the Warcraft Priests Discord. It's the best resource out there for a lot of Shadow Priest information.

    Hope this helps a little
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    Yeah, trying to compare yourself to top parses is just setting yourself up for disappointment. You really should just be comparing yourself to other people in your raid. Are you doing well on DPS meters in your own raid? Good, that means you're doing something right and you don't have much to worry about.
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    I'm a bit short on time so I'll just mention my initial thoughts.

    First of all, it is pretty much essential that you have 3x Chorus, 2x SA and 1x WotD as your traits. The amazing synergy between these traits is what makes shadow, and without them you won't be able to keep up at all. You should go for the helm from Radiance of Azshara and the chest from Zaqul. Even on normal difficulty I'm positive they're gonna outperform your current pieces. For shoulders you must get the Mantle of Ceremonial Ascension from the TR vendor. You should gamble heroic shoulder tokens until you get the piece, as only the mythic version is going to outperform it - after you've gotten the heroic version you can gamble mythic or save up to buy that specific piece. Getting these azerite pieces should be your #1 priority if you're serious about performing well on your shadow priest.

    When I have time, I'll look into your logs and see if I can identify any issues.

    Best of luck

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