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    [Mirage Raceway / Horde] LF3M melee DPS

    Lok'tar ogar!

    Do you enjoy speed leveling? Have you put your life on hold, quit your job, divorced the wife and put the kids up for adoption so they don't get in the way of your race to 60? I might have something of interest to you.

    I'm putting together a melee dungeon cleave group on the Mirage Raceway EU PvE realm. I'm currently looking for 3 more DPS in the form of the warrior, rogue, shaman or (at a push) warlock.

    If you haven't decided on a realm, want to hit 60 in potentially under 4 days /played and want to level up with new friends, give me a shout.

    You can message me here or on Discord if interested.

    Discord: Tor#1337

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    PvE is easy mode. Play on PvP, like the real men do.

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    Hrmm. I think I may well do. If a promising group appears on a PvP realm I might join them.

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