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    [Zandalar Tribe] <Solid> [Casual weekend PVE]

    <Solid> is a newly formed guild for classic launch.

    Raid times:

    -saturday 19-23
    -sunday 19-23

    Recruiting nearly all classes, but shadow priest, retro, prot pala.

    Loot system: EPGP, along with some specc priority per items (hunter ranged prio etc).

    We value attendance and loyalty, classic encounters aren’t that difficult, nor are class rotations.
    As long as you can attend raids and improve at a normal rate, you are what we want.

    You aren’t expected to be world buffed/flasked for molten core farm raid,
    but on Ragnaros progress, a fire protection potion might be required.

    If youre interested, or need more information, poke me on discord: Ewmy#2364

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