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    <Anime Mafia> Herod|EST(PVP)|Semi-Hardcore|Friday,Saturday

    Anime Mafia - Semi-Hardcore NA|EST|PVP|Herod|Horde

    Friday, Saturday 10:00 PM EST - 1:00 AM EST (7:00 PM - 10:00 PM PST)

    Introduction: Mina-san konnichiwa, were looking for new bakas to fill our ranks, it doesn't matter if you’re old or a new, we don't have many rules as long as you're able to endure a few funposters!

    This is an experienced guild from the private server community, with people that have vast knowledge from prior communities such as Nostalrius, Lightshope- Lightbringer and Northdale. Despite having veterans in the guild core. We only make up a total of 5 players out of a 45 man raid roster we assure you that we won't be biased towards veteran members and loot. We aim to have a 45 man roster at the beginning of the server, this we be fine-tuned into a weekly 40 man core. So don't be afraid of not being able to raid. This just is just part of the growing phase as a guild. We have built guilds from the ground up three times so far, this will be our fourth time around. This guild will create lasting friendships and accomplishments that will follow us until the end of the server life. The loot system is very transparent.

    Raid Requirments:
    We expect everyone to come to raid fully consumed and enchanted. I.E Melee pots,Caster Pots, Healing Pots, Jujus, Oils, Food Buffs,World Buffed. We are making Dire Maul buffs mandatory, Ony, ZG and Songflower are yet to be determined until we know the actual cooldown of these buffs.

    Raiding: Raids will start one month after launch or sooner depends on how much time people invest. We will attempt to team up with other guilds for those who do want to raid prior to guild runs.

    Loot System: Loot Council

    -->https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets...it?usp=sharing <--
    How it works: The item is announced players link their items that are being replaced, Officers then discuss who benefits from the item the most. If there is no clear option the remaining players roll.

    Examples: Scenario #1
    Gauntlets of Annihilation drops, all warriors have edgemasters therefore an equal upgrade for all warriors. The loot is then rewarded on raid performance.

    Scenario #2
    Gauntlets of Annihilation drops, all warriors have edgemasters except two warriors. We ask these to warriors to link their gloves and evaluate if they truly gain more over the other. If they both link flameguard gauntlets. This means they gain an extra hit if they were awarded this. This would then go to a roll between the two.

    Scernario#3 Gauntlets of Annihilation drops, all warriors have edgemasters except two warriors. We ask these to warriors to link their gloves and evaluate if they truly gain more over the other. If they both link Devilsaur gauntlets. This means they're probably using the Devilsaur set therefore losing 1% hit and has the potential to to lose hit cap. in this scenario the Edgemaster warriors will be asked to roll. Because Edgemasters are vastly superior and they will gain more stats over Devilsaur warriors. Devilsaur warriors are not rewarded because they have a viable option that can be purchased from the auction house.

    Friday, Saturday 10:00 PM -1:00 AM EST
    Friday, Saturday 9:00 PM -12:00 AM CST
    Friday, Saturday 8:00 PM -11:00 PM MST
    Friday, Saturday 7:00 PM -10:00 PM PST

    Invites start 30 minutes prior to raid we pull on the dot!

    Raid Setup: Players are required to maintain an attendance of 100% During phase one as this will be a trial period where we are forming a 40 man core for the rest of the server. More dedicated players means the less loot lost. This is very important when it comes to Naxx, every bit of DPS matters and makes things smoother.

    After every raid we will ask for feedback. Despite being around for three servers we're always learning and looking to improve the raid. We have an anonymous discord bot that you can utilize if you want to remain unnamed or you can talk to officers in DMs/Voice. Don't be afraid to talk about any grievances you have, maintaining a healthy roster is vital for end game. We will strive to provide a healthy and friendly environment for everyone involved in our raiding core

    We expect every player at some point in phase 2 to have an alt level 60. These alts will be used as specialized alts used to farm gold for your raid consumes and provide specialized professions to craft the guild items i.e tribal leatherworker, armorsmith

    We want everyone to have one level 35 alt during phase one so that we can use these alts for transmutes(alchemy) and curing rugged hides(Leatherworking) so that we can craft Lionhearts. Annihilators and stockpile enough bars for Thunderfury and T3 Rewards. Once we have enough materials accumulated we will start farming Mooncloth as well for Bloodvine sets and T3. We're willing to power level you one lv 35 through dungeon runs.

    Discord + Headset and Microphone(not needed if you don't want to speak).

    All rolls are open as we prepare for launch. We are looking for players of all skill level casual, semi-hardcore or hardcore. We intend to be semi-hardcore focused when the server launches. So if you’re willing to learn or maybe take a step back, were the guild for you!

    How to apply join our Discord: discord.gg/GGJGSE5
    Contact these guys for more information:
    KGB Tyrone#2436

    bump launch day still accepting all classes
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    Guild has been formed on Herod Whisper anyone for an invite!

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    Bump Day 3! Whisper Anyone In Game For An Invite!
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    Day 4 ! World First Level 60!

    - - - Updated - - -

    Day 5 APES enter MC!

    - - - Updated - - -

    Day 6 will NA Kill rag and ony?
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    Day 7 NA First Rag goes to ONSLAUGHT! GRIZZLY out preps for NA second and FIRST Ony!
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    Week 2: Farming UBRS Key

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    Week 3: UBRS Key farmed prepping for Pre Bis Farm

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    Week 4: Pre bis farming begins!

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    Week 5: Grinding Aqual Rep

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    Week 6: Aquals obtained moving to Farming Ragnaros

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    Week 7: Pug Hosted By Us Begins

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