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    Tankspot? Any resource for classic tanks now?

    Our guild's rogues are having fun on revived shadowpanther.com.

    Anything for us? Guys, I would appreciate any help.


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    Well, Icy Veins has a separate section for Classic now. Might want to check that out.


    Looks like the info for each of the classes is refined down to roles.

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    All the guides from 15 years ago are still valid. Just search.

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    Guys, seriously. Icy-veins is hidden like google.com.

    If you don't know what is tankspot (or think that shadowpanther.net is like icy-veins), you never played vanilla.

    So, guys, who have 10+ years of tanking in raids, and exp in vanilla - how you refresh your memories?

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    Icy veins is shit. they copy pasta for all the clases
    It even has tips for alliance shamans...

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    Sunder Armor a bunch.

    Congrats, you're a pro classic prot warrior.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phookah View Post
    Sunder Armor a bunch.

    Congrats, you're a pro classic prot warrior.
    Witty. Still harder to hold aggro than even skittish on retail, even when marking targets and spreading threat around as necessary.

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    So, first of all, as a Warrior, you only generate 30-45% bonus threat from Defensive Stance. BUT you lose 10% damage from Defensive Stance, so that brings you on down to the lowest baseline threat generation of the 3 tanks.

    So, if a DPS is doing 30% more damage then you, you'll automatically start losing out on threat (It's why Salv is so popular for PvE, because it's basically 30% damage or more for pretty much ALL DPS).

    Secondly, Warriors have very, VERY pitiful multi-target threat. Cleave is the ONLY AoE damage ability that Warriors can use in Defensive stance, but it merely does weapon damage plus a bit of damage that scales lightly with AP - Not very conducive to threat generation, especially when it replaces the strong, single-target threat generating ability, Heroic Strike. All the other multi-target abilities - WW, Thunder Clap, ect - Aren't useable in Defensive Stance

    However, of the 3 tanks, Warriors have, by far, the best single-target threat generation, with Sunder Armor, Shield Slam/MS, and Heroic Strike allowing Warriors to quickly dump rage into threat.

    Paladins actually have very solid AoE threat. However, they can't maintain their high threat generation long enough to really matter for single target. Their single-target mitigation is lacking compared to Warriors as well, but they have very good mitigation against multiple targets.

    Druids are really the ones that are most well-rounded - Higher multi-target threat generation then Warriors. Higher single-target threat generation then Paladins. When geared, they have superior mitigation in the form of, well, 75% (Or close to it) damage mitigation from Armor. Druids GREATLY depend on gear to preform though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MrHorner View Post
    Icy veins is shit. they copy pasta for all the clases
    It even has tips for alliance shamans...
    Agree, mate. That's why I said - if someone thinks that Icy veins are same like tankspot or shadowpanther (rogue classic resource, fortunately came back to life), then that someone is newbie.

    Of course, I am still have my old wow favorites and most of them are dead.

    I just want to find some new source of proven and pure data. Not just "ranged aggro is 131% and melee is 111"

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    I don't have a great resource except for my guildies. I was however recommended a 0,31,20 talent build that has worked great in MC and onyxia. And I just DW in dungeons like scholo and strat etc. This makes rage generation and thereby threat generation rather easy. Even in AoE scenarios. This is however in basically full pre-raid BiS gear. And tanking without a shield in your levelling gear may get the healer rather mad.
    P.S Don't undervalue demo-shout even with the nerf.

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