Adept - Hardcore

What We're About:
Adept is a guild founded and formed by top-tier players whom have extensive experience at the top of the leaderboards regarding mythic/old heroic raiding on retail. A few of them have reached top 10 on all stars for their spec at one point or another and have experience leading guilds in the top ranking US raiding scene. We’re currently looking for dedicated individuals and expect to push top 100 world at the very least. Most of our raiders are taking two weeks off from work to make the grind to 60, however that isn't required if you hit 60 quickly. We are looking for people who are dedicated/committed with a strong resolve in order to ensure that people don't quit on the first obstacle that pops up. Another thing to note is that we're laidback, but if you don't have thick skin this probably isn't the place for you.

There will be around 55 on the roster give or take to make sure we have 40 raiders on our first raid day. We are setting up dungeon grinding groups for people in order to hit 60 ASAP.

All exceptional players encouraged to apply! Currently looking to recruit a few more for progression.

Expectations & Raid Times:
We require all members of the raid team to have at least 90% raid attendance and will be using loot council to handle the distribution of loot based on attendance, performance, consistency, effort and preparation. We’re planning to make the grind to 60 within the first week, with our first raid week starting two weeks into launch.

Main Raid Time: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 8:00 PM - 12:00 PM EST
(We'll also be including Thursday in our raid schedule with the release of AQ40/Naxxramas.)