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    [H][US][Hyjal]<Infernum> 5/8M EP Friday + Saturday 8PM-12AM

    Raid Times: Friday and Saturday 8PM to Midnight Eastern Time

    Progress: 5/8M EP, 9/9M BoD CE, 8/8 M Uldir CE, 11/11 M Antorus CE, 8/9M TOS, 10/10M NH, 3/3M ToV CE, 7/7M EN CE

    • Warrior
    • Mage
    • Shadow Priest
    • Warlock
    • Hunter
    • Balance Druid
    Exceptional applicants of any class will be considered.


    • Full understanding of your specialization
    • 90%+ Attendance
    • A Working microphone
    • An understanding of each progression fight before we pull
    • At least one M+ 10 per week


    You can contact us with questions via Battle.net at Peet#11183 or Vanubial#1939 or via Discord at Peet#3952 or Vanubial#3592

    About Us:

    Infernum is composed of a group of friends that have been raiding together since ICC. We have recently moved from Malfurion to Hyjal due to the lack of an active raiding community. We have consistently progressed through the highest difficulty content while maintaining a 2 day raiding schedule.
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