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    Quote Originally Posted by Kassina View Post
    QuestLog Extened is the one I've found that works.
    this ?

    its really old, from 2007 ..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Life-Binder View Post
    this ?

    its really old, from 2007 ..
    I use "Classic Questlog for Classic" I know the name is a bit weird, but it works like a charm - split the questlog in half, left side is the quest and right side is the quest text.

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    Adibags rather than bagnon

    dominos rather than bartender

    vuhdo works just fine in classic (just add (rank x) right next to the spellname (no space) for downranking)

    questie isn't reliable for a lot of quests but I don't know about something better yet.

    wide quest log is nice too

    bag free space counter so you have the number on the backpack, if you don't like to watch it in titan panel

    classic castbar for target castbar

    easy frame + realmobhealth works great

    plater shows your debuff and dots on nameplates and is very customizable, also works great with realmobhealth.



    mapster to resize the world map if you don't like it fullscreen. there is other options but I know this onr works.

    vendor price so you can see the sell price of items

    all the addons above can be found on twitch. the last thing I'd like to find is something to see repair vendor, mailbox, trainers and co on the minimap.

    and purists who still tell the legend of "no addon in vanilla". I had a full interface back then and probably more addons in my folder than any xpack after ....
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    is plater working now? i tried it last week and it wouldn't work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Djanco View Post
    is plater working now? i tried it last week and it wouldn't work.
    yes, last week it was funky. now it's good. I mean I have no problem with it, and it works with realmobhealth, wich is great.

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    IAmAMerchant is an addon that lets you basically make a storefront window for items you want to sell, allowing you to list prices you'd sell items for, or just to list the items. Since it doesn't do the actual selling it also facilitates people haggling and talking, helping form the community in a server.

    Definitely recommend.
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    Hey, on retail I use BagSync to track items across characters, bank etc, but I have not found a working version for classic. I tried bagnon, but I really, really loathe the look of Bagnon and I dont really know if or how I can get the itemtracking without the rest of the addon? If there is a simple addon that just tracks item out there that works for classic I'd be mighty appreciative.

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    Elkano's Buff Bar for Classic ?
    Kick announcement ?
    Quest progression announcement in groupe ?

    Thank you all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harry Botter View Post
    I am wanting an addon that lets me see how long my debuffs are on the target. I have heard of a couple but I downloaded them and couldnt seem to get them to work. Any help is appreciated.

    Ok so I found a setup that works for the most part except it isn't showing the duration for my Deadly Poison still.
    I'm not a rogue, but found works for my lock debuffs (granted, I'm only level 14 so far).

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    Does anyone know of an add-on to show health of party members? In numbers, on their health bars? This seems critical but I can't find one

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    Does anyone know of an add-on to display all talent trees on a single panel, instead of a tab each ?

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    - Adibags (bags management, the best IMHO)
    - Annoying pop remover (confirmation dialogs)
    - Atlas and Atlas loot
    - Auctionator
    - BIS Tracker
    - ClassicLFG / Puggle
    - Details
    - Dismounter (auto dismount / stand up)
    - Extended Vendor UI (larger vendor UI with some useful option)
    - GatherMate
    - Global ignore List
    - handy Notes
    - Kui nameplates
    - Leatrix Maps (better than Maspter)
    - Leatrix plus (excellent to replace a lot of addons)
    - Prat
    - realHealthMob
    - RepHelper
    - RollTracker Classic
    - Silver Dragon
    - Spy
    - Tell me when
    - Tiny Tooltips
    - Used In Recipe (tells use for what recipe the item is used)
    - Weapon Swing Timer
    - What's Training (spell you can learn / cost / level while leveling)
    - WIM
    - XP Tracker
    - Deja Stats Classic
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    Quote Originally Posted by Greylan View Post
    Thank you for the list!
    thanks a bunch as well, though you may consider adding a few extra addons from here to your list. there are so many addons in fact, but personally feel that our job in this thread should to focus on the best ones only

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    An addon I found recently that so far works like a charm is ItemRack. A gear management addon is a must for anyone I think (especially hybrids) and I am surprised that no popular streamers or articles have suggested one. To be fair, this is the only one that seems to be updated for Classic, even in its basic functionality. As a final note, apparently it seems that Blizzard does not allow weapon swaps via addons during combat, so you might have to macro that.

    I hope this helps and all the best.

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    Hi all.

    Similar addon to Classic?

    www . curseforge . com/wow/addons/tradeskillhd

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    I have a question for anyone who's using ZPerl Unit Frames.

    I just recently installed this since it is what I used when I played retail (X-Perl), but I'm having a major issue. While my character frame is nice and bright and easy to read, every other frame is very dim and hard to see....unless someone gets a debuff, then it's the same brightness as mine. This includes my raid frames.

    How do I fix this? I've messed around with every setting I can think of to get this to stop being this way and have had no luck thusfar. If anyone can answer, that'd be appreciated. Thanks!
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    Wow, macros are really useful

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    Any addon to track quest progression of the people in the same group? Boosting a friend and I want to see how he's going when I'm boosting.

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    i just resubbed and heard that twitch no longer has wow addons. where to get them for classic now??

    while at it, i need addons for enh shaman:
    -totem duration
    -weapon enhancement duration
    -lightning shield active
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