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    Unfortunately this sounds like a guild issue and limited spots. Although resto shaman raw healing is not on top it is still viable for all content and has two of the best healing CD's in the game. I recently started healing for our guild because we were short a healer. I much more prefer DPS so when I got bored during a fight i'd just pop spirit-link to cover the most people I can and then healing tide totem. And the dps my hear out to get 100th percentile DPS as a resto shaman EVERY fight.

    if a spec choice is the make or break decision of progression for your guild you are either in the race for world first or you guild needs to learn to stay out of the fire. The less healing you group needs the better resto shaman gets. and even better run elemental azerite gear you'll be helping your guild more than any over healing will ever help you

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    Quote Originally Posted by apelsinjuice View Post
    So are resto shaman looking bad for SL or what? I like them but feels like they are always behind other healers both in m+ and raids
    The problem is that Resto shaman is built about your raid being dogshit, that's where your mastery will shine the most which means they're great for progression fights but mediocre for farm content where there's minimal mistakes.

    For 99,9% of the guilds out there they'll be just fine and they can be on progression fights no problem simply because of how many tools and emergency solutions they bring

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