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    Question Skinning Knife exploit ?

    -refererring to classic

    Hey boys,

    -> Is there a known dual wield exploit with the Skinning Knife? I experienced something interesting in the game but can’t seem to find ANY existing discussions to that topic anywhere.
    (lvl warrior 20+ dual wield ‘‘without’’ the hit penalty)
    (dmg gain with Skinning knife)

    If you know about existing discussions about Warriors leveling with the Skinning Knife please let me know!
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    This is the first I’ve ever heard of skinning knives bypassing the hit reduction from dual wielding, and it might very well be a new bug instead of a deliberately reproduced idiosyncrasy from Vanilla.

    Searching around for threads about skinning knives on the official forums, all I can find with regard to the Classic game is that it’s not a bug that you can’t use skinning knives, mining picks, and blacksmith hammers for activated weapon attacks. That’s a design feature that legitimately does date back to Vanilla.

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    Fishing Poles have the same thing, you can use them to kill higher level mobs much easier than with your Whirlwind axe.

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    Hey thanks for the response,

    you guys really are the only responding all over the official forums or discord channels.

    Here is an example from c.a lvl 25-27

    I happen to be charged by lvl 34 and 35 warrs in Stonetalon but not only did the knife tore through them but the amount of rage for utility such as disarm was alarming
    For leveling: The amount of swings may triggers the natural mob dodge chance (5% ?) resulting in alot of Overpower uses.
    Atm at 31 (not playing alot) and having the Corpsemaker with +2 enchant in the bag, still leaves the Sabre Sk combo ontop regarding mob grinding.
    (full Arms; Thousand needles mobs with Corpsemaker: 50-100 dps ending on half hp or lower, Sabre+ Skinning: 50-100 dps ending on 80%+ hp, as if i parry more with 1h)
    Sure the Corpsemaker may crits 380+ here and there but over alot of fights, the extra rage (Which can be used to pull 2 mobs and spam cleave that also crits 270, comes out ontop)
    [This might be a 29 twink meta coming up i duno. There seems to be a 30 Spelldamage enchant for the SK but is there also a AP one?]

    https: //cdn.discordapp .com/attachments/615345464757190688/616911072972111887/LOL1.JPG
    (not allowd to post links so i put in 2 spacees)

    Skinning Knife does around 15 dps with the wep dmg bonus AP provides, criting 50+ easily.

    - What happens?

    As far as i observed it, the Skinning Knife, not having a weapon class, counts somewhat as fist/ shield/ empty hand, leaving the main hand without a Dual Wield penalty. Still it benefits from Attack Power.
    The Skinning Knife only starts to miss, when the main hand does so on orange mobs.

    So it's Dual wield Arms spamming Heoric Strike, which i know is something unheared of :P
    In dungeons you are pretty much a Fury Warr.

    -> I'm interested in how well it holds up on lvl 40+

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    Thanks for the responses.

    Those stats are around 25-27
    https: //cdn.discordapp .com/attachments/615345464757190688/616911072972111887/LOL1.JPG
    (I can't post links so i put in 2 spaces)

    Now on 31 (i don't play alot) the combination still outperforms the Corpsemaker and it's 200+ wep dmg on Thousand needles mob grind.

    I wonder if there are nice enchants possible for the SK and how it holds up on 40+

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    skinning knives don't have durability either, so i guess they don't count as "real" weapons in some categories.

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    Its just sk or mining pick too?

    Work only on wars or rogues too?

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    Hey i am new to wow and only know most things by theory; also i didn't get to play since.

    BS hammer and pickaxe are only equipable in the main hand.
    Also ofc only viable with a good one handet.
    I first used it in BFD where that Outlaw Sabre dropped. The dagger from RFC should be a good starter tho.

    SK in main hand + a "real weapon" instantly starts to miss a shtload.
    Same with replacing sk with a normal dagger.
    Max dps comes from HS/Cleave and later slam spam.
    - so a different approach to get used to :P

    Maybe a superb choice for rogues / lvl 19 twinks.
    (If poisons are even applyable on it)

    -> Warris may run a interesting dual wield arms spec with a fast mace and mace specialisation.
    Auto swings appear to continue while spamming slam which would force the mace to hit double time during leveling and having mobs stunned every 20 swings which is closer to a beefy combat rog (Skinning knife seems to take something from the main hand, maybe it's broken enough to trigger the sword/mace effect? )

    Atm it remains a leveling and wpvp gain for 20-31.

    Shaman dual wield only comes on tbc? Should be a nifty fire/ ice proccer.

    After seeing the fury pov on that w1st Ragnaros vid, i start to believe that sk is superior to that flurry axe without hit stats.
    I pmed monkey before it but no response.

    I may not continue playing. Give me a shout out when it happens get mentioned in a guide. :P

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    you are absolutely right. skinning knives don't durability although japanese knives are more durable and sharp.
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    Yes , i remember this bug from a long time ago and I can confirm it existed. I do not know at which point but I legit remember this.

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