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    Affliction rework idea

    I’m posting this here cause I don’t have access to blizzards forums

    Rework for affliction I thought up
    UA is no longer stackable but still cost 1 SS
    dark glare is removed,
    shadow bolt is replaced by haunt

    Haunt now deals small damage that deals additional minor damage for each 1 affliction the target has that and stack continuously increases damage dealt by warlock by 1% lasting 10 seconds now cost no soul shards.

    All of our main damaging spells(Agony,corruption,UA) apply a minor unique debuff to ourselves when casted
    agony/sensitivity, corruption/degeneration, UA/Worsening Decay

    Sensitivity=increases incoming overtime damage by .5 stacking to 10% permanent on warlock 20 sec on target

    Degeneration=decreases incoming healing by factor x + spell power(I don’t know this number deal stuff ), perm on warlock, 20 sec target

    WD=reduces health by factor x+spell power() perm warlock, 15 sec target

    Now why would you purposefully put dots on yourself, so you can use new ability that replaces dark glare called “Gloom Convey”

    Gloom Convey 1-soul shard-30 sec CD
    Transfer your debuffs and 2 other curses/diseases to all opponents within 40 yds and make them 30% stronger.

    Now here’s the real big ability that replaces dark glare for. “SOUL BEDEVIL”

    “Soul Bedevil” 2-SS 1:30 sec CD
    Merge your unique debuffs and spell dots to create the worst afflictions imaginable

    Etheral misery= undispelable slow huge damage overtime, stacking to 40 points and increases dot damage takin by 10% last for 1 min.

    Horrid Degration= reduces incoming healing by 50% for 5 seconds then explodes for large damage shared by all targets within 20 yrds.

    Ultimate Malevolence= very large damage overtime while simultaneously reducing health, grant the warlock 1 soul shard every 3 seconds for 10 seconds, if this debuff is dispelled the dispeller loses 30% max mana, stunned for 4 seconds and catches a stronger unstable affliction.

    To help cushion the effects of the self debuffs rework drain life so that it drains faster bases on how much missing health you have.
    0%-40% faster drain for 100%-30% health missing.

    Now with this rework it prioritizes and rewards precise debuff management on both the target and yourself, and make it harder for the target to recover, while also cutting the spammyness of the spec to something less needed but still useful.

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    Interesting ideas you've clearly put a lot of thought into.
    For me it all sounds very complicated to be honest, but most of all raises the question, what problem are you trying to solve?

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    Warlock issue is Nightfall should be baseline and affect Shadowbolt and seed of corruption to be instant cast. And effects on SoC 'proc' nightfalled spread agony and corruption on all targets. And nerf single target by 5% to compensate the AoE. Easy

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