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    Alliance MW & BM Hunter LF raiding guild after release of Classic

    We are on the search for a new guild as our current one has fallen apart after the release of Classic.

    Twisty#11931 Twistymyst-Frostmourne & Panïgale-Frostmourne OCE Alliance

    Mistweaver - no offspec and Beast Mastery Hunter

    LF casual raiding guild to raid together.

    Pref Fri/Sat/Sun nights but all other nights are okay. Would ideally like 7pm AEST on wards so that when daylight savings starts we can still make the raid.

    Twisty (MW):
    Uld: AoTC 8/9M
    BoD: AoTC 3/9M
    CoS: AoTC 2/2H
    EP: AoTC 1/8M

    Pani (BM):
    Uld: AoTC 5/9M
    BoD: Nil Progressn (took a break)
    CoS: Nil Progress (took a break)
    EP: 6/8N

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    thanks for sharing this

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