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    Yea, like who would want to watch one of the old star wars movies when you can watch "The Last Jedi". Why would you want to play Fallout New Vegas when you could play Fallout 76. Why would you want to watch early seasons of Game of Thrones when you can watch season 8?.'s just possible... that what looks flashier on the surface is sometimes just another soulless cash grab...
    just because something is old doesn't mean it's better (or not a cash grab), the original star wars movies aren't actually very good at all either and were basically made to sell toys. this fixation everybody has on nostalgia is a cash grab by corporations in and of itself and it's unhealthy and stagnating our culture

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    i hope not. We have Legendary items in the past, Thunderfury, Sunfury, warglaives of azzinoth, shadowmourn and etc. And in Legion we have the artfact weapons.

    The Legion Legendary it is just a bunch of random items that noone know the name only the stats.

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    Yeah cool cool remember when they said wed find out the final boss of the expansion during the azshara kill cinematic? You guys should stop propagating stupid like when people thought cata was coming during 3.3 because of the wording used in the trailer.
    They never said this officially though. This was also stuff indirectly said to T&E.

    I don't say 8.3 isn't happening, I just say 8.3 was never mentioned explicitly.

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    Or, 8.3 in janurary and 9.0 in august/september 2020.
    This makes 8.3 the shortest final tier ever and have the same length as the 8.2 mid-expansion-tier. Does that sound likely? I'd say rather not. I see this only as an option if the last raid is very short (like 4-5 bosses).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Haidaes View Post
    Let's not pretend that raiders were happy with the system at the time. If you were entry tier or mid tier raiding wise during the time it might not have been as bad, but being forced to drag new recruits through 4 tiers of content was atrocious, because having to run farm raids constantly, even after a year, was just flat out annyoing. Not to mention the poaching was off the charts as getting people with decent equipment and attunements was only really possible by taking them from guilds that already did all the prerequisites, but didn't manage to clear a tier yet. As a raid leader at the time I can tell you this was far from fun.
    Sure. it wasn't perfect. But it had more pluses than than negatives. Also, is it really that bad to help new players through the content? It's a group effort. I think it valued the social aspect. Also, there was catch up gear to get from badges as i mentioned. Just not full sets, but enough for people to not have to run raids all the way from karazhan.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Poe View Post
    2019 announcement.
    Late 2020 / early 2021 release.

    Unless you think they're going to announce it at 2020 blizzcon and release it late/mid 2021 in which will cause a huge content drought even if there was a patch 8.3 release sometime in early/ mid 2020 which is pretty silly.
    Dude, you do know BfA released in august of last year and the lastest raid patch released in June of this year right? What sort of math is going on in that head i cannot understand. A new expansion is more than a year away from the last tier, and likely more than a year from now. So, it is very likely they will have an 8.3 to tide things over. Otherwise its 12+ months of drought again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zlygork View Post
    If anything is planned as a big come back, I could see next expansion giving us new artifact weapons
    I wish, of all the systems blizz has tossed at us, the weapons are genuinely my favorite.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrKnubbles View Post
    I don't think legendaries are coming back. For some reason, a lot of people didn't like them. I thought they were awesome because they provided great power that changed the way I played my character. I guess people got upset because they didn't find what was considered the best legendary for their spec.
    I think people did not tolerate the legendary acquisition method but not the legendary ones themselves.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadochi View Post
    And I'm pretty sure that during legion they said they stepped back from that plan because it's not feasible (in one of the early q&As or an interview regarding WoD)
    correct, that's why it would be such a twist, unlike?- perhaps- but possible.

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    The only thing I would consider a pleasant surprise is if Sylvanas, her boytoy and Sadfang get killed by Tyrande at the start of 8.3.

    Nothing else matters.

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    You are right.8.3 will really be a surprise mechanic.Blizzard will cut it.
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