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    I like the system in a vacuum, however it just feels like another way to force us to log on daily and grind for months. Especially horrible for those of us with multiple specs. I play a druid and getting rank 3 across the board was exhausting.
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    I like essences, they change the gameplay a bit. Shouldnt be needed but it was.

    The way you acquire the essences is retarded though. You have to do rated pvp in order to get BiS essence for some specs. Stupid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FuxieDK View Post
    But he wasn't in capital; he was s in chamber, for which there was no way of knowing that you needed to pay him a visit, until 62, when you go there for the stamina upgrade.
    There's an earthen keeper guy that was added to the hubs to give you a quest every time you're suppose to go back to the chamber, telling you that Magni calls for you.

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    It's kind of gimmicky. While they threw quite a few at us, realistically most of us don't use more than 3. You pick the essence that's best for what you're doing and that's either AoE/ST or a mixture of both and there's typically 1-3 essences that fill that void.
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    I think its a great way of Blizzard to kill peoples desire to play alts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Testodruid View Post
    You know that you can find information about how to obtain all essences on websites like Wowhead and Icy-veins, if you just google the correct term?

    I think essences could be a fun concept if they were implemented correctly, they should be accountwide the current system is a disaster for alts.
    The average wow player is so entitled. Next you guys will want gear to be account wide. It isn't that difficult to get the was esscences you want. You just have to play the game. If it's too hard then you don't get the esscences. It is that simple.

    I don't like them for main. It's an unnecessary distraction where I believe progression should come from raiding and mythic+ not PvP or questing or reputation. I have 4 unlocked. Two at LVL 3 and a LVL 2. I had a look at the optimal esscences and to get my third optimal involves doing an activity that I don't want to do. Instead of having a bitch about how wow is a dying game and how this system is unacceptable I decided to flag that esscence. I don't need optimal gear to be competitive and have fun. I am fully capable of downing bosses and topping meters without.

    For Alts I like them. I find them a nice surprise. "Oh, I get to upgrade my esscence " or "my neck allows a new slot now". It's kind of cool. If my Alts are needed in a raid, which sometimes they are, I am there because I can contribute meaningfully and the lack of optimal stats is not an issue.

    Too many people think they're top shit but complain about being without because they don't want to play the game. You are not top shit. You are just terrible if you thing optimal stats make that much of a difference.
    Quote Originally Posted by Nizah View Post
    why so mad bro

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    Quote Originally Posted by Popastique View Post
    I enjoy the whole essence system, but hope they make it account-wide in the future.
    How grindy some are while others are pretty much given to you is an issue. Even more so for specs that want ones that take dozens of hours of play or weeks of time gating when others get bus from things that require little to no effort. Either way it is much better than the old version of the neck.
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    low effort band-aid

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    it's meh, pretty much killed my desire to play alts

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    I think it shows great potential, and I hope they iterate on it for the future expansion.

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    Both the essence and azerite traits system are much worse than the old glyph system.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FuxieDK View Post
    I have one at level 2 and two at level 1.. Neck is level 62, so they seem absurdly rare.
    I mean, if you mouse over them, the tooltip very clearly tells you exactly what you need to do to get the next rank and the criteria required. If you don't have more... that's 150% on you, bud.
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    they suck. i do not need any char progression besides gear. it just takes my time away to play alts or pvp. and if i play an alt, he have to do that boring grind shit again. therefore it sucks, the same as AP and other Legion/BfA systems suck. just my oppinion, nothing more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Korru View Post
    it's meh, pretty much killed my desire to play alts

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    Quote Originally Posted by Testodruid View Post
    I think its a great way of Blizzard to kill peoples desire to play alts.
    eeeeeexactly too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by This One Time At Bandcamp View Post
    Fun mechanic - but should be account-wide..

    Shame they add fun features, but utilize them so poorly. Same with artifact traits.
    aaaaaand this.

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    I like the idea of the system. It's kinda like getting "legendary" effects without the rng involved from the drop, since you get these doing targeted activities.
    I'd like tho if Blizzard went a step ahead and mold it into a new sort of "artifact tree" where you unlock different stats and perks through leveling and such instead of just flat stamina and you end up unlocking those "mayor points" to fill with your essences.
    I get that since the introduction of essences was as a fix for the azerite problem some of them are not that exciting apart from having very different power leves between classes, so getting more refined and fun essences to play with should be expected if the systems goes through.
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    Quote Originally Posted by munkeyinorbit View Post
    The average wow player is so entitled. Next you guys will want gear to be account wide.
    Yeah keep on with your hyperboles, god forbid someone has any criticism for the game you know.


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