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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Proton View Post
    First off, wanting Master Loot doesn't negate people wanting items. I can still want an item but prefer it to go to a raider who needs it more. Second, the complaint in this thread is THE LOOT SUCKS, not that a person isn't getting gear.
    Read the post I quoted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by klaps_05 View Post
    Is it just me, but isnt this literally the PERFECT gearing system??

    Neck is HoA
    everyone gets it, its the one thing all characters share and brings them together (azerite).

    Rings are mechagon
    Bis gear from the NEWEST 5man content (soon to be farmable with next season of m+, an alternative to the big groups doing raids

    Shoulders are vendor
    Guaranteed if you save residuum, gamble to get it sooner (only thing i would change from this system is double residuum from scrapping and make it so you cant gamble the same piece until you get all 6 once)

    Pants are m+
    Same as rings, but throws you into other dungeons as pants vary in secondaries!

    4 benthic pieces
    Story-line based guaranteed gear which 1) helps ALL types of raider and 2) makes the storylines and new content(zones) not pointless for high-end players. I would scale them down just a bit to be on par with Mythic gear

    Trinket is craft
    And the cherry on top - CRAFTING BEING RELEVANT.

    This system with some small tweaks is imo the absolute best loot system in 15 years of WoW.
    Yeah why the hell would I want to get gear from the raid .... this system blows

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    Quote Originally Posted by bullseyed View Post
    Dungeons only ran into problems when the deeply unpopular catch-up mechanics were put into the game.

    In TBC you needed to run dungeons to gear up and attune for Kara, so you could gear up for TK/SSC, so you could gear up for BT/Hyjal so you could gear up for Sunwell.

    The progression system was highly rewarding psychologically, content was relevant longer, guilds could progress more often than the month a new raid dropped for non-hardcore players, etc.

    Once you could skip dungeons entirely due to catchup mechanics, there had to come up with a different purpose. Under those terms, M+ was a great fit. But it was a better feeling when dungeons had a variation in difficulty and a progression path through them, that ended at entry into the raid.

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    #2 on the list isn't using it. No need to go any further.

    And here's my sim anyway:

    You are wrong he has all 3 pieces on he logged out in M+ gear.

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