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    Fire Mage Help with Dps (with logs)


    I wanted to ask if some people here could help me fixing my dps on my fire mage. I looked around and saw now suitable thread in the mage section so I decided to open a new thread. I hope that's okay.

    I know I'm still missing my third blaster master trait, but apart from that I don't really know what heavy mistakes I am making for such brackets (although within parses of the last 2 weeks they are some like okay'ish or something like that, the comparison in rankings is utterly horrible).
    I know I do minor mistakes but I can't make out big ones to justify those gaps to the higher ups.

    Hopefully someone can help me analyzing it.


    (My Mage is Neeari, not really missable since it was the only mage)

    Edit: After using the compare option in warcraftlogs and searched for similar mages, it seems that I'm doing something wrong during burst/combustion, since the others are bursting much higher (e.g. http://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/...pe=damage-done ). Others look quite similar.

    I can see that their ignite damage is much higher and overall above pyroblast. A third trait gives additional ~10% more mastery while the buff is up, I don't think it justifies the gap. So I still must be doing something wrong.

    During Combustion (with RoP) I'm just alternating between pyroblast and fire blast, since I don't have to pay attention to the special rotation when using Lucid Dreams, because keeping up the 3 stacks of blaster master is no problem afaik.
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    A few pointers;

    -Get Akana's Reefstrider Soles from the pearls vendor (this boosts your crit damage)
    -Get Hyperthread Wristwraps from the last boss in mecca (even at 415 they are a substantial dps increase)
    -Get Poen's Deepsea Gloves from the pearls vendor
    -Replace Hadals Nautilus as soon as possible with an on use intellect trinket (PVP, Balefire, Font) to use during combustion
    -You do not appear to be casting Meteor during combustion; you need to nail your combustion rotation
    -Blastmaster x 3 will be a big boost for you; I would suggest focusing on getting that

    I can't post links to videos so if you paste this into youtube exactly;

    Mechagon Bracers | How-to / Guide & Rotation | 8.2 Fire Mage Guide

    This video regardless of if you have the bracers or not will improve your rotational issues dramatically

    Good luck

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    Yeah indeed. Your Combu rotation is all over the place.

    Here you have a link from mage discords showing the combu rotation:

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    You should check out WoWAnalyzer: wowanalyzer(dot)com

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    Always start with Azerite neck ability and then followed by Combust-> Pyro in 1 gcd, your current Combustion rotation basically wasted 1 GCD because you used the GCD for Lucid Dream.

    Your ignite number is caused by your failed 2nd Combustion, so it isnt really gear problem (technically it is, but fixing Combustion will net better DPS)


    This is the detailed 2nd combustion ability count, you enter combustion too quickly (its the last combustion anyway, you can wait for max stack FireBlast before starting the Combustion sequence)


    TL; DR

    Your current rotation is : Combust -> Lucid -> Combust sequence
    Should be : Lucid -> Combust + Combust sequence

    And always check your fireblast stack before starting combust sequence.
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    Thank you all for your helpful answers.

    Gear-wise, I got a little bit forward like the third blaster master trait.
    For the rotations, I'm trying to change the things I did wrong (for example I had Lucid Dreams and Comb in one macro, which resulted in the wrong burst opening).
    Already seeing some better results, gonna practice it in the next days.


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