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    I dont see the connection between classic and 10 man raids returning, but i'll take any excuse to have it back in the game. let us hope they return 10 man to it's former glory.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Khain View Post
    LK was not a hard boss at all, what made it hard was the limited attempts you had like 20 attempts to kill him at the beginning going up every so often. Method takes between 300-600 attempts to clear end bosses now days.
    he was not killed before a 5% buff was active so its likely to have taken a similar amount of time as with any other boss due to lack of gear, many guilds may of had a second shadowmourne by the time of a first kill, lich king was probably a fight that was actually tuned properly unlike many fights blizz are useless. Not even counting healers with the legendery mace making healing easier than it should of been.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PelinalWhitestrake View Post
    ZulGurub was 15man raid, BRD, Stratholme, and Spire had 10man limit.
    ZG and AQ20 (shockingly I know) were 20 man.


    Original raid implementation up to WoTLK:

    15 Man - UBRS - Later 10 man.
    20 Man - ZG, AQ20
    40 Man - MC, BWL, AQ40, Naxx

    10 Man - KZ, ZA
    25 Man - GL, ML, SSC, TK, MH, BT, SWP

    10 Man - VoA, Naxx, EoE, OS, Uld, ToC, ICC, RS
    10 Man Heroic - ToGC, ICC, RS

    25 Man - VoA, Naxx, EoE, OS, Uld, ToC, ICC, RS
    25 Man Heroic - ToGC, ICC, RS
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    Quote Originally Posted by Khain View Post
    Normal/Heroic difficulty is not real raiding, only mythic is real raiding.
    So your issue is with the difficulty, not the raid size.

    Want to make it more difficult - head off to a Heroic 10 man raid with crafted 340 gear, or legion gear.
    Want to make it more difficult - take 10 randoms into Heroic and get them to wait at the start of the instance

    The fact remains - 10 man raiding already exists.

    Be rational young fella.
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