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    ...If this isn't lead by the lost son of Garithos it's not even worth considering.
    Quote Originally Posted by Kyphael View Post
    The Scarlet Crusade kind of fits this bill, no?...
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    I support the Scarlets nation idea from above. It'd be beyond awesome if Othmar Garithos jr. would grace the lore with his presence. Humanity is in peril...
    Yeah pretty much... the Scarlet Crusade and Scarlet Onslaught were small scouting type organizations compared to the power of the Scarlet Nation that completely obliterates everything in their wake. Being lead by Garithos Jr. is a given and recruits like Sky Admiral Rogers would give the invaders strategic intelligence and access to the Alliance's Military hardware. They could have spies everywhere like the Crimson Pilgrims in Dalaran.
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    No fucking way. The worst idea since democracy.

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    Race: Undead
    Class: Uh...Peasant/Farmer so like a level one farmer
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Narrative Contribution: Just thought a character that extends the whole idea of the Forsaken Undead and how they're not forced to served Sylvanas might be interesting. A Lordaeron Farmer that died sometime before the original Scourge Plague was brought back prior to the WoD invasion and declined the offer to join the Banshee Queen's society. Quickly learned that there was no place to go as his home had long been ravaged and the remaining human kingdoms weren't exactly inviting the dead over. Tried fitting into Horde Society and found it wasn't for him and set off to explore Kalimdor. Somehow found his way to Feralas and was able to set up a small farm that he cultivates even though Undead don't technically eat. Openly trades and is willing to host anyone who stops by whether of the Alliance, Horde or neither and shares stories of the old days of Lordaeron and the ones he has heard from others. The local ogres regularly like to laze around his farm as he gives them food.

    Race: Tauren
    Class: Druid
    Alignment: Not quite sure for this one
    Narrative Contribution: I always thought it weird that all the Tauren Druids were really peaceful even though the Tauren have a history of fighting with the Centaurs and Quillboars for survival as such having a faction of Tauren who embrace the wild nature of Druidism and are at odds to both factions at the outset would be interesting especially as the Horde are allied with the clan who oppose their nomadic ways. Regularly found in ancient caverns trying to awaken the Primal Nature of the Wild Gods. Have Kodo forms for their tanks and plain runners for their feral forms.

    Race: Dreadlord
    Class: Warlock I guess
    Alignment: True Neutral
    Narrative Contribution: Following Sargeras' loss and the defeat of the Legion, one of the Dreadlords that were ordered to disguise and blend amongst the people of Booty Bay finds them self in the strange position of no longer being shackled to the Legion's whims and also the head of an enterprising business of questionable acquisitions. Working with numerous contacts of which include Ethereals, Goblin Cartels, Pirate Clans as well as others, he works to collect ancient artifacts of both Azeroth and other worlds to display in his Emporium of Eccentricities and lord his hoard over others whilst dreading every time an adventurer visits.
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    Peasant farmer?
    I've always thought the farm idea was such a good one for retiring player toons. Should have had a portal between your farm and the garrison back in WoD.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowferal View Post
    Peasant farmer?

    Hillsbrad has those. They are farming peasants.

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    I dont necessarily want new characters. I want Aramar Thorne (main character of the Traveler books) to turn up in game. Now a couple of years older since the time period of the books was around mop. A lot has happened since last we heard of him and what started as a boy following the whispers from "the voice of light" that came to him in his dreams, has lead to an epic adventure that has been happening behind the scenes for the last couple of years. All of a sudden this young kid shows up with a key to how we might be able to save us all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by masterjc View Post
    why dont take any existing character and add some lore for them?
    like dark iron dwarf who works for Venture Co but is member of Shattered Hand clan
    add there legendary Gamon and several other characters that were introduced for Rogue class quests since vanilla. (alliance equivalent was Amber Keanen and some other characters who were used already)

    invent some lore for them. who they were. where did they come from and where are they now. add some sort of stuff that Blizz missed. like Barrens invasion from legion. add that they too fought there. helped or were heloed by horde or ratchet members. new relations formed. uniting against some random demon and so on
    part 2

    so while this guy is working for Horde. it will later appear that he was working for Dark Irons all this time. he would be one appointed by Thaurissan to guard Moira. and he is the one used by Moira to give Horde info about Ragnaros. while Horde thought that they did aquire info about Elemental Lord. in thrus it would be this guy who helped Moira manipulate Horde (Chronicles confirm that Moira manipulated both factions to slay Ragnaros and free Dark Irons from hus slavery)

    this would bring some very old minor character new life. and would perfectly fit existing story. explaining lots of stuff. ruining nothing and showing interesting development

    this is him

    Dark Iron Dwarf Rogue
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