Spite is currently looking for most classes/specs - don't hesitate to contact us if you're looking for a new home and new friends!

After losing some core raiders to Classic (not entirely unexpected) we're looking to recruit more people for our roster to continue progress in Eternal Palace Mythic.

We've got a really relaxed and fun atmosphere in raids, while still holding a strong focus on progressing in current content. If your class/spec isn't listed as "high" on WoWprogress I still urge you to contact us if you're interested, as we're always looking for dedicated and motivated players.

Outside of raids we have people doing m+ pretty much every day, PvP and even pet battles if you're into that.

Copypasting from our WoWProgress page:


Current Recruitment:
We are currently interested in all exceptional players of their class to enhance our roster even further. Our roster is competitive, yet flexible - so there's always a possible space for the right player. The Classic release caused a few of our raiders to lose interest in retail, so we're looking for new replacements so we can get back into our raiding swing once again.

Our Expectations:
- Solid understanding on your class (For pure DPS classes, 2/3 Specs)
- Up to date knowledge on encounters
- Personal drive to min-max your main character
- Knowledge of Weakauras and Simming your character
- Consistent attendance. Not being able to make a raid is fine. However we expect that you contact us beforehand as early as possible.

Perks of Raiding in Spite:
- A fun, chill, but competitive raiding environment
- Flexibility
- Keen M+ players throughout the roster
- Solid community

Raiding Schedule:
2 days per week. Wed+Sun 19:45-23:00 Server Time

Officer in-game contacts:
[Please send us a battle tag request if you're interested or want a chat!]
Mortenlol#2532(Discord Morten#4800)