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    45 as of typing this... and honestly, kind of starting to run out of steam. This is the worst leveling bracket for me so far. I keep having to change zones after completing only a small handful of quests because Blizzard gave some of the zones absurd level ranges, which means that half of the quests are too high level for me to complete.

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    35 and 30, Two characters cuz my goddamn friends didn't wanna stay same alliance and server.

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    I hit level 14 on my warrior and quit because I'm fucking done with dying to mobs who parry/dodge my swings 3x in a row. It's actually beyond annoying.

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    42 now. I would be closer to 50 if there were no queues and the Horde weren't crawling all over the place. Alliance solo questing on Herod is the most difficult thing I've ever done in my entire life.

    You'll see the Horde on the horizon like a swarm of locusts, devouring mobs in their path. And they leave nothing but skeletons behind them. Even if you find a secluded spot off in the middle of nowhere, they'll suddenly crawl out the rocks like spiders and swarm you.

    It's rough out there man.
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    Nearly 24, and I'm enjoying leveling for the first time since my first play 12 years ago. GM'ed my TT group last night, but Wednesday I spent half my session sneaking through the forest while on Raene's Cleansing, then the other half in WPVP chicanery that culminated in spectating an all-dwarf guild knock the stuffing out of Horde from Zoram to Astranaar. Might've met some legit easygoing PVP pals, too. Who needs XP when you've got a memory like that?

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    32 and going. Undead Rogue.

    Real life obligations are preventing me from advancing faster, but I enjoy the pace.

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    44. I sign the fuck adult life manifest.

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    I was 32 after the 3rd day of launch but I could not go any longer, the quests are garbage and the combat is a snoozefest.

    I had fun for those 3 days though. Not because of the game but because of the friends I played with, but eventually the bad game design caught up with me and I gave up.

    Happy others are enjoying it though.

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    I'm sitting at 42 on my main, I think? I've been slower than intended because I'm playing 4 different chars (3 Alliance, 1 Horde) to player with certain people and maintain their leveling bracket. I had been avoiding doing STV until my wife reached that level, so I could quest there on my main being decently high level for the area, and that zone is sooooo much better if you're in a group. Actually, most questing is much nicer in a group due to safety in numbers and even just the socializing you can do in a group when PvPing or waiting for respawns or whatever you're doing.
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    Almost level 50 - I had 2 phases were I was feeling like stopping (around level 20 and 40) but that was just a short period.

    I'd say that is pretty normal though. WoW Classic has ups and downs when it comes down to excitement levels...
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    2 bars before 50.

    i hit the first real low, later than i expected, and im hope i can find some motivation to power through. just got into searing gorge and hope the quests there can hold me for a few levels.

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