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    How to make WoW great again

    There are some features in Retail WoW that need to be removed. They are major reasons why alot of players left for Classic WoW.

    1) Remove LFR and LFD = So people become more interactive in the open world
    2) Remove Arenas = Because it gives the devs alot of headache for balancing classes
    3) Remove Heirlooms = People who twink at certain levels can't compete in Bg's or world pvp.
    4) Remove Titanforging = When people get bis gear, they should be able to keep it instead of having to run the instance again and again praying to RNG.
    5) Make Professions Great = In the past, Blacksmiths could add gem sockets to gloves, Jewelcrafters could use Epic gems, Herbalism had a haste cd etc.

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    There seem to be a lot of threads with suggestions on how to "improve" World of Warcraft. I would suggest you post your ideas in one of those. Avoid game vs. game comparisons.

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