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    The asshole acts like an asshole? Oh my didnt see that comming.
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Crabs have been removed from the game... because if I see another one I’m just going to totally lose it. *sobbing* I’m sorry, I just can’t right now... I just... OK just give me a minute, I’ll be OK..

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    Quote Originally Posted by crewskater View Post
    How about some context? This screams troll post..
    It's about Asmongold, that should give more than enough information for you!

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    Who the fuck is Ozzy?

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    Based on what I've read in this thread: it was a somewhat scripted event to cause controversy. They probably had decided that Asmongold got the bindings first way before hand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by voidillusion View Post
    It's about Asmongold, that should give more than enough information for you!
    Yeah I watch his streams and have an idea of what it might be. It doesn't change the fact that when you create a forum post, you provide context instead of spouting autistic nonsense. But maybe I'm asking for too much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jibjub View Post
    Do any adults watch these streamers? Genuinely curious.
    ROFL are you implying adults even play video games? XDD Go back to golfing grandpa

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    Come on, that guy is an idiot. You can clearly see that with his tmog challenge, guy has one of the most ugliest tmog in the history of WoW yet trashes others. The guy is clearly a mental case, I just hope he doesn't get out of his basement and kills someone

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    Asshole living off controversy creates controversy. More news at 11.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monolithi View Post
    Did it occur to anyone that Asmon guy or his fans are starting threads like this, just for marketing reasons? Like ninja looting isnt even the point...
    Yeah, I pictured that guy running back to Asmons stream and telling him to look on MMO-C. I got the same vibes from that dude that would make a thread about every Preach video.

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    just wait until he buys his second epic mount in a few weeks. react videos for weeks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duano View Post
    That was such a shitty move.

    Justice for Ozzy.

    unfollow asmond
    unsub to asmond
    spam his stream "justice for ozzy"
    Are you 13 years old? Grow up.

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    Who is Asmongold? Another Shazzrath elitist?

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    Okay, I watched the clip where this happened cause I got curious. The other warrior was a DPS warrior, even though he put on a shield for a little bit to fake he was a tank, so good thing Asmon didn't fall for it but he almost did. In raids, main spec goes before off-spec. And, not sure if it was a joke or not, but the guy wanted the helm for PvP. So with his WoW IQ being so goshdarn low, he probably didn't deserve it anyway.

    Overall, if you don't like the way loot is distributed in that guild, you should probably leave. It probably wasn't a good idea to be in a guild with Asmon anyway, even if he does seem quite knowledgeable about WoW as a whole. Also, being in a guild that /rolls for loot, isn't a good idea either, so I hope they replace their loot system with something better down the line and clearly define rules for who gets what, or these kind of dramas will happen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ArgusTheUnmaker View Post
    And, your point for commenting this is?
    Only being a thief sometimes is a terrible excuse.

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    Did I mention that Asmongold looks like bacteria?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snackpack View Post
    Only being a thief sometimes is a terrible excuse.
    "A Thief"

    We using Hobbit terms now? Alrighty bud. He's not a thief. He's a leader, and it's his right to wield the binding of a legendary weapon before anyone else. It's his will. He's the one that's worthy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pendragon View Post
    Are you 13 years old? Grow up.
    It takes time sadly.
    When my kids were very young, I wanted them to grow up. Now when they are teens, I want the same, only much more.

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    I mean main tank takes tanking helm over a DPS warrior who only rolled to troll people. Such a horrible person.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Broken Fox View Post
    cant understand why that dude has fans lol
    There's a saying about pop and rap music that I find fitting.

    Simple music for simple people.

    In this case it's... simple people for simple people?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wildmoon View Post
    He is incredibly funny. You should try. I almost laughed to death at the clip about Mcconnell convincing him to shave his head because he is balding. Genuinely the best twitch streamer I have ever watched.
    You need better taste.

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