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    [Help] WoW Classic Hunter Macro

    Hello good folks,

    I'm requiring help with a certain macro for hunters in classic. In short, i'd like the macro to perform the following 2 functions:

    1) Combine Serpent Sting and Viper Sting. Meaning, when i press the Alt modifier, Viper Sting is casted, otherwise it does Serpent Sting.

    2) The entire macro to be in Mouse-over format, so that it prioritizes whoever i've moused over. If no mouse over exists, it should use on my current target.

    Really appreciate your insight and guidance into assisting with this macro. Or is it even doable? I'm not too sure. Thank you in advance!

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    /cast [mod:alt,@mouseover,harm,nodead][mod:alt,@target,harm,nodead] Viper Sting; [@mousover,harm,nodead][] Serpent Sting

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    Genius! Thank you so much Kanegasi. Much appreciated for your prompt help =)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kanegasi View Post
    /cast [mod:alt,@mouseover,harm,nodead][mod:alt,@target,harm,nodead] Viper Sting; [@mousover,harm,nodead][] Serpent Sting
    I actually used this macro back in the day on my hunter. Can confirm it works.
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