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    Blizzard often scrap things, maybe the idea was to do all of those but it was scraped, maybe they will reuse or not

    Recently it was datamined Durotar warfront that could mean they instead of doing Barrens decided to do durotar, and silvermoon one was scrapped

    we don't know 8.3 info yet, but its very unlikely to have something to do with Silvermoon with the recent events

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shakana View Post
    Or that, maybe it wasn't really warfronts but got interpreted as warfronts. Datamining can be really subjective to changes and placeholders as well that you will never see it on live.
    Yeah. I don't get it when people see it as a fact.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soon-TM View Post
    I've never understood why is Blizzard so reluctant to update the Draenei/BE starting zones. After all, they are two of the most popular races ever.
    Pretty sure its because theyre attached to Outland not Azeroth

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    Warfronts had a lot of potential, it would be shame if they were scrapped and forgotten, I'd like to see further iteration.
    There are only few things that need initial fixing to make them fun:

    - Launching them. This is the biggest problem. Just like Mage Tower, the "donate resources to activate" mechanic sucks and the warfronts are not active often enough.
    - Tuning. It's a mindless zerg, but this could be easily changed by making objectives more important (so that you can't capture bases until you have upgraded certain building to certain level etc). Having a 20-player PvE co-op mode that isn't a raid is cool - but even Heroics are a bit too simple to win right now.
    - Rewards. They should move to token/currency based rewards instead of "drops from rare bosses".

    I'd like to see more Warfronts in the future, but with 8.2.5 finishing the war story, I guess not...

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    Warfronts always felt to me like a system made to use the new assets they creating for a possible future world revamp, Arathi highlands (orc and human assets), Darkshore (night elf and undead assets), so there still might be new warfronts to use the assets they creating for Dwarf/Tauren and troll /gnome ect ect
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    I dunno, maybe. It feels like based on current datamining the durotar and barrens warfronts are either being added or repurposed as part of the war campaign finales.

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