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    Quote Originally Posted by Queen of Hamsters View Post

    I do wonder, what sort of punishment will be dished out for this. Afaik they rarely permaban players even for RMT these days.

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    A) People have been meeting and making friends in this game just fine 13 years past Muhnilla, fyi.
    B) Normal/HC/Mythic/Do M+/Do Organized PVP, all of which you do with other organized players. Then there's the casual stuff like LFR, Normal/HC dungeons, collectibles, Islands, Warfronts, WQs, Max level Zone gameplay etc etc, all of which is done amongst other players at the very least, before counting friends grouping.
    C) I wasn't aware that Classic requires exceptional people in... well, any content.

    Oh you people. Can't even keep the contradictions in check.
    Classic is for people who prefer the gameplay of that time.
    Retail is for players who prefer the gameplay of the present. And yes, to some players, both versions are desirable.

    The game still remains an MMORPG for a fact, and that means other players no matter how you spin it.

    And yes, Retail is happy to accommodate the crowd that just wants to hop in, play the game, then log out, be it due to social anxiety or just not having any interest in meeting people. And that's fine too. Literally nothing's put in place that forces players not to be social though. Nothing.
    Stage because a lot of streamers have said the opposite. They don't actually made new friends or met people while playing while they did in classic. And I can say that same about me and most people I know. In retail you play and have a small grp you know and that's it. You dont care about anyone else because they don't really affect you at all.

    Normal/HC doesn't require much organization. Mythic and PvP yes but even there you mostly have smaller grps that are fixed. You don't just meet new players or get something unexpected.

    And Classic doesn't require exceptional people. Retail does. It requires people that do the same things without any goal. they play nearly a normal RGP just with coop and a worse story telling and no choices for story changes and pay for it each month and without an end. Retail is a mess of a game. Classic is not a ton better, but it at least has some room for adventures and more forced social interactions when Retail is exactly what you except, doing the same things over and over for the same stuff for years, pretty much like working all the time except you never get promoted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SkagenRora View Post
    The thing you quoted should say "If you are "Farming" then you go outside the dungeon and reset and then go again. You don't try to do something that reset the last boss while you are still in the room " I dono why you changed it to say something else.. or even what it is you are on about.
    Sorry that it did link to your post which is strange. I did quote the guy above your post but for some reason it did take his quote but your ID/link.

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    Quote Originally Posted by schwank05 View Post
    Instance leveling is how I have played the gams since I started in January 05, I play the game for the instance content and the second they are available that Is how I level so this sounds like a pretty good fix to me. I tried leveling with Quests and F that noise everything is 4+ levels above me and a pain in the ass to kill.
    If you do quests with mobs 4 lvls above you, why do you do it? There are quests with mobs at your lvl or below. but not all people want to farm instances, especially when it is normally slower (except with the raid exploit). Doing the same content over and over just becomes boring really fast for most players. Questing, meeting others outside and getting into unexpected situations is the fun in classic. Just farming instances or rushing to 60 ASAP means you ignore like 80% of the current game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aradur View Post
    Sweet Summer Child that heard heroic tales from vanilla players and always dreamt about reliving that himself.

    Look around you, after that short amount of time classic is already a shitshow: Two viable classes for dungeonfarming, raidexploits, broken economy, literaly no endgame that is challenging, etc.

    You thought you wantend it...
    LMAO. I've been playing since 2006. 2x 60s on vanilla, 6 x 60s on PServers (all 1x XP rates). Nearly another 60 on Classic. Many more to come.

    Fantastic immersive world, flavourful and diverse classes and specs, gear that means something instead, just being an adventurer instead of the god-hero of all Azeroth (along with every other player), people who are happy to group and communicate with other, fantastic community...I could go on and on tbh.

    It's good to get the REAL WoW back

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eggroll View Post
    Actually, it's pretty old already. But it had nothing to do with exploits originally iirc.
    Oh yeah, I first saw it *ages* ago, but I've never found it amusing, so trying to work out when it originated...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aesahaettr View Post
    Oh yeah, I first saw it *ages* ago, but I've never found it amusing, so trying to work out when it originated...
    I think it originated as a result of weird design decisions that nobody understood, things that restricted the gameplay for just for the sake of restriction (or so the playerbase understood it).

    Good example would be the limitation to camera distance that was introduced in WoD I believe.

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