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    SEF Help

    Hello everyone,

    recently i noticed that my SEF clones suck...

    Why? because they don't copy stuff. Especially Fists of Fury.

    Sometimes i activate SEF then FoF but they just stand there and do nothing.
    Or they start channeling FoF whereever they are at that moment and just punch the air, without even trying to go after the mobs.
    And then i feel really bad because....well that'S a huge dps loss isnt it?

    Is there any way of making them behave correctly? Do you have to play a specific way? Maybe use SEF and afterwards wait x seconds so that they can "really" spawn or do you maybe have to use a certain rotation after pressing SEF to make sure that they wont do that stupid stuff?

    Thanks for any help here

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    SEF has more issues then most classes so you'll always have issues when using it. Prior to use FoF I would suggest retargetting the clones on your main target by pressing your SEF key again, this gets them in position and makes them less likely to just punch air. On top of that don't use it while the target is moving as that breaks them in a few ways. If you use it while they're running they sometimes won't copy it and sometimes they will copy it and standstill (I think the standing still issue is a left over bug from when you had to stand still to use SEF).

    Honestly though at times it'll just fall apart. There are a number of bugs with this ability and even if you do everything right one could bite you in the ass. But retargetting and using it when you're standing still will reduce the odds of the issue occurring

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