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    There is no pleasing people. The classes have never felt more different from one another since Legion and the class order halls, quests and weapons did a gr8 job of assisting with class identity. The specs still play very differently from each other in BFA and the game has never had this much variety in its endgame ever - Nothing is perfect but u see a million posts abt what they did 'wrong' and hardly any about what they did right - smh….
    And to the ppl that wish the game was more like classic - there are those of us that would hate the game if it went that route just as u hate? it now.
    Honestly the only thing I wish theyd shut down is the whole raiderIO thing because it alienates more casual ppl - this coming from a past 'hardcore' raider..

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    Eh, depends on the metrics?

    Spec identity is probably the strongest it has ever been since legion. Spec identity is so strong that it eclipses class identity.

    Now here is a question i dont see anyone ask, should spec identity be stronger than class identity? I dont know. Personally i much prefer the rich spec identity but i now think that it would almost make perfect sense to break classes apart and keep specs as stand alone modules and allow your character to collect up to 4 specs from a pool of specs so long as they are related somehow.

    As for fantasy: i suppose? I know players miss totems and auras and blessings and stuff, personally i hated them all. Most were fire and forget and a minor annoyance when coordinating with raids, but some players loved that. I especially hated the shaman buff totems where i would need to spend 4 GCD's setting up my buffs every fight just to lag behind in dps.
    Did those things need to be removed? no. I think they could have been reworked better into something more meaningful, but the associated gameplay just wasnt as compelling as proponents pretend them to be.

    What I think is more important than class identity/fantasy however is gameplay, or specifically: role identity.
    We have 3 roles in wow, dps, tank and heal. Vanilla talent trees tried to enable some hybrid shenanegans, but frankly it just never played out well. The game has NEVER supported hybrids properly. There have been some single experiments like gladiator spec or disc dps healing, but when only doing 1 spec out of 30+ at a time it will only ever be overpowered and mandatory or underpowered and bad at both jobs.

    Id personally like to see some more hybridization of gameplay. Keep the core roles, but allow DPS to flirt with the other roles more. Either giving classes heavy enemy debuffs (help with healing/tanking), strong off healing (that doesnt impact dps), melee plate off tanking (cap threat by number of enemies so more players can fight face to face with enemies) or if you dont fit into those categories, offer team support (movespeed buffs for allies perhaps?)

    Ideally i would like to see the game get to a stage where tanks and healers arent completely necessary for dungeon content, players could group with 2 bruisers and 2 off healers instead or something.

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    Not sure how to react... People have over the years screamed at blizzard like "Im AFFLICTION warlock, Marksman Hunter", "give specc identities!!".. Blizzard listened, and went all in since Legion. All of a sudden "hey, why cant I use that ability?? Just because I choose a specc doesnt mean i forget shit!!!"

    Poor Blizzard, they can never win. If only they stoped listening so much on people and created their version, we would've skiped alot of headaches.

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    As a mage I like how each spec feels/looks/plays different. I wouldn't change a thing.

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    I preffer specializations rather than subclasses. Sure vanilla talents are flawed and yet they are more fun than current system.
    Maybe grid talents system would be better than talent trees. However that would make balancing game even harder most likely.

    As I prefer pvp over pve I like options that give you variability and potentional overplay your enemy.
    Maybe fire mage won't ever use ice bolt in raid. However in pvp it can be win/lose factor during duel.

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    I was never a fan of hybrids, but if it's for cosmetic reasons then they can ammend it by further expanding the Talent system. They can add more rows and columns.

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    It doesn't lack class identity. Some specs does. Like combat rogue isn't really a rogue but assassination and sub is. Does it make sense that outlaw rogue can't use poisons, No, but is it the end of the world ? not really

    Take mage as an example. In retail you have 3 verry different mage specs that all scream mage, whereas in classic you are basically playing a lvl 60 frostbolt

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    I really like the way it is.
    Basically it is a school of magic or martial arts you as a character devotet your life to.

    A Druid that is all about healing would not want to run around as a cat and butcher stuff.

    Same as a mage who devotet his life to the mastering of the element fire. Why would he want to start with ice?
    And the player character is no Jaina. She is an exception.
    Spec switiching is lore wise also not real.

    Pruning went to far but i like that the Specs are very distinct. Classic on the other hand basically didn't even really have specs at all. You could do everything the other specs can do to with the odd late talent exception which some classes didn't even bother with. *cough* Lightwell *cough*

    Give the Specs more Spells. If you want to even Cross SPec Abilities. But the distinction is what makes retail classes fun. And yes i really think the classes are fun irght now. Levling is boring. Story to each their own. I like it. But class fantasy is ok the way it is.

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    Playing balance druid, and I'm loving every part of it. Only thing I would add is Full Moon added to the general spell kit, dropping a huge white moon on your enemies that crits for a shitload of damage was amazing during legion and I'd love to be able to do it again.

    Druids have been in a good spot, playing mine for a really long time and I never had any issues with it's class identity / fantasy. Long live the moon bois !

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