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    New 9.0 LEAK - World of Warcraft: GLOOMSPLASH

    9.0 LEAK
    World of Warcraft:

    A new expansion is on the horizon! What I'm about to share with you here isn't intended to be exhaustive, but to provide a mere glimpse of what's to come.

    Theme: Mystery

    After we've been inexplicably helped by a somehow resurged Infinite Dragonflight in 8.3 only to be suddenly interrupted by the heroes of the future that would defeat us (seemingly supporting N'Zoth in the process), the world has fallen into some kind of chaos. Suddenly things have changed as though they'd never been any different. Everywhere the bums are rising. Mad prophets wander the land. All of the book's pages in Stormwind's library have turned BLANK. The land has become twisted and reality can no longer be trusted.

    A strange mental condition befalls the people of Azeroth, suddenly kicking in out of nowhere, most severely affecting those feeble of will. One moment they're happily kneading their bread, the next they become apathetic, lose memory; some even forget how to breathe. Some survive in a powerless state, their eyes dull and movements weak. Some turn maniacal, frenetically pursuing goals only they may understand. Some know of times long forgotten and drivel on about a future to come.

    All of those sinister occurences are summarized in one word: the GLOOMSPLASH has happened. Baine Bloodhoof is unfortunately affected.

    As the mighty races of Azeroth head off to find answers and deal with this uncanny phenomenon, the world once more has them plunge into armed conflict.

    New hero class:
    - Heal / Melee DPS / Tank -

    A new class that bends time and space in order to alter the state of matter.
    Timewalkers suddenly appeared. They come from the future, however due to the Gloomsplash they've lost all memory of it. Their quest is to regain those memories. Since there are no Timewalker trainers in the present, they work together with members of the bronze dragonflight to found the organization that will go on to establish timewalkers in the first place.

    Timewalkers have an easy time manipulating the dimensions in order to store and release timely possibilities into this world. What this means is that, for example, they can mine a node instantly, as long as they pay enough mana to create a version of themselves that will in the future have mined the node and in addition to that to create a timecage to prevent interference. Timewalkers are the ultimate griefer class.

    Timewalkers gain access to the seconds that they walked over in the present by for example using faster-than-time flurry attacks that deal sudden burst damage. They can then create temporary dimensional simulacra of themselves to perform certain tasks. The Timewalker tanks by creating such an alterdimensional image to repeat their actions (still manipulable like a pet, however its moves become accessible only if the timewalker performed them shortly before) and take damage, then healing that image by reversing time so that the damage never happened. However this method of healing comes with a price, because it disrupts the timeline, thereby weakening both the Timewalker and the simulacrum -> the logical consequence is that the timewalker has to use a different kind of healspell to compensate, one which instead accelerates time to quickly heal wounds. This method however consumes massive resources and reduces the time for which the simulacrum can stay in this timeline. The Timewalker has to always walk a tight rope in order to maintain balance. They can become one with the simulacrum again (thereby gaining some seconds of added defense but losing the simulacrum) in order to unscrew it's movements and adapt to the fight. Other players can only target the simulacrum and if it dies, the Timewalker themselves also dies, however if it runs out of time, it just disappears and the timewalker survives.

    Also Timewalkers wear mail. Their gear incorporates a certain punk aesthetic; it's always overdesigned and too complicated to meaningfully exist in any timeline but all at the same time.

    New feature:
    Auction House of Time

    The Auction House of Time allows players to access wares from the past and the future.

    A World Revamped

    The world of Azeroth has been redesigned and polished for a completely new and streamlined leveling experience with integrated high end content. A level squish provides more beautiful numbers and ensures more dopamine per level up.

    Questing content in each zone exists largely independent of other zones and can be done beyond the level of access due to scaling. Questing through most zones will garner useful rewards (like rep) even at max level - rewards also scale. Additionally, Silverleaf for example can be an ingredient of both low and high level potions and can be found in both low and high level zones.

    All of the land underwent severe graphical updates in order to align it with Blizzard's current capabilities. In the process a lot has changed without explanation, expanding zones, flattening or steepening the land, allowing larger and additional access points between zones or instead prohibiting access by foot.

    A bunch of new dungeons have been added, most of the old ones are gone. Ragefire Chasm still exists of course.

    Darker Nights make a comeback as an optional feature. NPCs have new standard quotes, for example the Draenei have "May the fallen rrest in peace".


    Teldrassil is a hollow, burned out landmark, it's blackened frame showing the salute to a continent in calamity.

    Darkshore, now a mid level area, decides to be annoying and have a location where certain mounts and pets, like horses, wolves and cats will panic and flee in terror. Animals in general escape the land and only the most vicious remain.

    In Winterspring, the goblins of Everlook apparently succumbed to the Gloomsplash. They've set up giant cannons and test long distance missiles for some reason.

    Moonglade is beautiful and becomes the Night Elves' new starting zone. They will not have to kill anything here (mobs become friedly at 10% HP and are invincible), until the very end of the questing experience, which is really dark and has the player discover that sometimes killing is necessary.

    Hyjal is a new safe haven with stunning vistas. The fires have been extinguished and the barriers between dimensions revitalized. The wisps are absent though. And how come so many elves seek to strike roots?

    Felwood has not healed. The satyrs are now smoking some dark new herb in order to increase their magical powers and reestablish connection with the lost Legion.

    The now mostly abandoned Ashenvale has become more purple and less green. The volcano has expired and you may now enter. A dull mist billows through the valleys and thickens above the ponds. The trees are whispering indecipherable gibberish and they'll cacklingly have you trip over their roots if you're not careful.

    The Azuremyst and Bloodmyst Islands have been integrated into the larger Kalimdor instance and are now accessible via flight. They have been abandoned after being overrun by faceless bloodcrawlers and no longer serve as the Draenei starting area. Instead they've become high level sandbox zones. There's flying jellyfish there you can jump and bounce on top of.

    The Exodar has lifted off, only to be blinked out of reality in the wake of the Gloomsplash. For some reason it is now trapped in a void world, where it's stuck inside an infinite winding crystal pathway. The new Draenei starting experience.

    Azshara is the new Goblin starting zone. Some of the little troublemakers are trying to recreate Kezan as a digital version, which is a project doomed to fail due to some kind of ghost in the machine. Explosions will happen.

    The Stonetalon Mountains will feature more scenic views than before and provide a breather from all the weirdness.

    Desolace has suddenly vanished. You'll come to find that it now resides under the ocean and is mostly inaccessible. Centaurs have changed into seacentaurs, most all of whom are affected by the Gloomsplash.

    Mulgore now has a small beach! Some of the Tauren affected by the Gloomsplash have decided to live an even simpler lifestyle, walking on all fours and eating grass all day. However they're still fully conscious. You can earn reputation with them (Horde only) and if you're a Tauren, they can teach you Plainsrunning, which is basically a mount without mount, like the Worgen have.

    The Barrens are filled with Gloomsplash-affected Horde exiles who wander the land in search of answers. The extinct scar can now be traversed via some old wooden planks. The further south you go, the darker the atmosphere becomes.

    The orcs have managed to grow little fruit groves in Durotar. However some of the fruit also have grown orc groves. The Darkspear have lost the connection to the loa while the Zandalari softly pressure them to align themselves with their goals instead of staying an equally entitled part of the Horde.

    Hell is brewing in Orgrimmar, as the new warchief Saurfang is killed off by a Gloomsplash-affected mob right at the beginning of the expansion. Most believe that some other person (Thrall, Garrosh, Vol'Jin, Sylvanas and some nonsense options like Lor'Themar and Gallywix) is warchief right now and that Saurfang and his followers have just been Gloomsplashed.

    EDIT: Now that we know that Saurfang actually died in 8.2.5, how come he even became the new warchief? Maybe the gloomsplashers were somehow right.

    Ghost lights lead unweary travelers astray in Dustwallow Marsh and most roads lead to dead end traps. The established trails may seem labyrinthian, yet one should stay there. The swamp draws one in an seeks to drown the careless.

    Feralas has become a fairytale wonderland where elves and tauren are trippin' high. Even ogres are friendly here. Hosts a neutral worldboss you may kill for loot. If you do however, everyone in Feralas will turn hostile - until the servers restart.

    In Thousand Needles the water has become still and unchanging and you can now walk on it. Some strange cult seeks to have each needle crested by a member in order to cast a mysterious spell that would allow them to become stars.

    Un'Goro has turned into a temporal nightmare, past and future collided here and you'll enter different sceneries: before the sundering, an ashen wasteland, some kind of ice age, today, a dark city. It's not always clear what is past and what is future.

    The Caverns of Time become the new starting zone for Timewalkers.

    Tanaris and Uldum have been merged to host a gigantic desert where a giant eversandstorm rages and lightning strokes momentarily brighten the now dark land. The sky has fallen low. Flying is dangerous and you can easily get lost. There's a questline that allows you guided passage in the future. Further south you'll encounter flickering fata morganas of impossible buildings, some of which will inexplicably be accessible.

    Silithus is now a huge flower field. Sargeras' sword has turned into a new world tree. Ahn'Quiraj seems to have disappeared. You can not trust what you see.

    Eastern Kingdoms

    Quel'Thalas has been merged with the old world, the northern Lordaeron area reworked. Silvermoon has become frozen in time and with it most all of it's inhabitants. The starting experience of the Blood Elves will have them be individually freed by Chronomancers and escaping the land in search of a solution.

    The Isle of Quel'Danas is now a sandbox zone.

    Vashj'ir has inexplicably risen from the depths of the ocean and is now a sparse expanse full of bones, shells and fishy smell, casually linked to the mainland through an unfathomably long and dangerously narrow land bridge.

    Tirisfal has become a toxic wasteland full of swirling and damaging green smoke clouds to wander with absolute caution. Nobody knows how this happened.

    The Western Plaguelands now holds the largest population of Forsaken. The undead seem to not suffer the effects of the Gloomsplash. Sylvanas has turned her back on the Horde after 8.3 and atones for her sins as a nun in service of the Argent Crusade. Many Forsaken are still loyal to her, however she wishes to be left alone.

    EDIT: I mean she already turned her back on the Horde in 8.2.5. Now she additionally turned her back on her old path.

    The Eastern Plaguelands are in the Crusade's firm grasp. They are now equally as lush and boring as the Western Plaguelands became after Cata. The northern passage now leads to the Ghostlands without a loading screen.

    Silverpine is Alliance territory now and features an army having come to a sudden halt. Tirisfal is a deathbed and as the Gloomsplash has snatched from many a Gilnean the primal Worgen spirit and physically seperated them from their lupine alter ego. Many try to reclaim the Worgen spirit to once again become whole - and to prevent it from running amok without their control. You'll be on such a quest if you start your adventure as a Worgen.

    The reclaimed Gilneas is now a land of eternal rain. A multitude of makeshift Waterways and extended rooftops are build to get the situation under control, yet still Gilneas threatens to silt and drown.

    Alterac hosts some new human elite who think they're better than others. They live in rundown shacks and ruins. An all-female Ogre tribe has recently claimed the northern valley.

    Hillsbrad, now significantly more gloomy, sees many a dubious visitor, some from the land, some from the ocean, some from the future, some from the past and some from the shadows. The clash between Horde and Alliance has turned into a gruelling stalemate.

    Dalaran has become the victim of convoluted time. It now exists in multiple locations, including it's original one, yet it's become unstable and suffers severe inconsistencies (for example, a lot of people are convinced that it's actually called Dalanar).

    During the latest clash between the forces of Horde and Alliance in the Arathi Highlands, both sides have suddenly vanished into thin air. An eerie calm has seized the now empty lands.

    Large parts of the Wetlands, including Menethil Harbor have now been completely submerged by water. The area is now known as the Baradin Cliffside. By night the spirits of the dead will arrive by ship and open their markets along the shorelines in order to sell goods from beyond.

    The Loch in Loch Modan has mysteriously become a bottomless abyss. Pure darkness awaits in the depths, but that doesn't keep the dwarven explorers from rappeling their squads in on a quest to unravel this secret and analyze the lower layers of earth.

    The Twilight Highlands now only have twilight time, instead of day and night.

    Dun Morogh has inexplicably turned upside down and become a giant cavern with lots of icicles and few exits. Fortunately no one had to die, because gravity has turned upside down here as well. It's outer surface is now known as the Powdersnow Plains.

    Gnomeregan has been completely reclaimed and provides a starting experience for gnomes. However in order to not overwhelm new players with all the paraphernalia right from the start, they'll actually start out in a narrow forested lane to the west.

    The Searing Gorge is frequently shaking with quakes. Burning figures are slowly walking the land, all heading toward a destination north. The mountainrange there has been retconned to be more jagged and fall off into the ocean.

    The Burning Steppes have been claimed by the Alliance to provide room for the countless dangerous mounts and pets that some adventurers have brought with them only to abandon them to the stables, costs generously carried by others. Frostwyrms and Hellfire Infernals can certainly be tamed and taken care of, but species-appropriate husbandry often requires large open spaces. Only enter the steppes with caution as things have developed a life of their own here.

    Palace fronts and giant faces have appeared on the surface of the massifs of the Badlands. Some troggs have been affected by the gloomsplash and climbed on top of each other to create bizarre living buildings, waiting in place to once more turn to stone.

    Elwynn Forest features an increased presence of homeless people and crazed lone fighters. A sinister procession of gloomers follows a trail south. A lot of the trees are apparently withering, leaves turn yellow, red and brown, giving Elwynn a seasoned, autumnal look.

    Westfall is now infested with swarms of locusts that destroy the crop. Not even flamethrowers seem to be effective. The deadmines are in business for Stormwind again, however the miners have suddenly laid down their work not long ago.

    Duskwood now has a lot more spiders with a lot more legs (technically not spiders) and has become a relatively high level zone. The spiderfolk have clad large portions of the map in thick webs, claim to belong to an ancient bloodline and try to deal in silk with the Alliance. Careful analysis of their ware suggests an otherworldly origin.

    Lakeshire has aligned with the naga for some reason. The Redridge Mountains are haunted by Human/Murloc hybrids and many an egregious monstrosity. The Blackrock Orcs are now friendly though.

    Deadwind Pass happens to have twisted dimensions. Karazhan, now an M.C. Escher-like impossibility, lures with promises of unimaginable riches.

    The Swamp of Sorrows features a lot of wooden stools one can take a seat in to enter a tranceworld. The Sunken Temple has become one with the mud. A lone green dragon sleeps atop it now.

    Stranglethorn Vale now hosts a big circus atop the sundering, which extends all the way to and includes the old Gurubashi Arena. They gather spectators from all across the land, yet few return unscathed. Zul'Gurub has become a chill space of rueful trolls.

    The Blasted Lands have become more like Hellfire Peninsula. Arcane winds travel the leystreams and the southwestern mountain range has been flattened in order to grant easy access to and from STV.

    Outland is falling apart and soon to be dead. The Dark Portal has closed. Only accessible through the Bronze Dragonflight.

    Draenor is dead. It's a land lost in time, slowly becoming one with nothingness. Only accessible through the Bronze Dragonflight.

    Northrend is now a sandbox continent. There's lots of stuff to do here. For example you can now skate down the glaciers.
    The Grizzly Hills are gone and have been replaced with a forest made of saronite that suddenly appeared. There also seem to be multiple access points to the greater Nerubian underground zones, yet they can't actually be reached.

    Since Shen-Zin Su has taken a deep dive, Pandaria is now the starting area of the Pandas.
    In the wake of the Gloomsplash, many Pandaren have suddenly switched bodies with mantid and other inhabitants of Pandaria. Chaos ensues. The Timeless Isle makes another relevant appearance.

    Kul'Tiras & Zandalar:
    Since I haven't played BfA and don't know much about it, I couldn't make up a good story. However it would be nice to have even the latest zones be involved in a new expansion and even be revamped to a degree. At least the starting zones of allied races should be adjusted. Plus they should be free to choose for new players - we don't have to farm rep with Ironforge in order to play a dwarf.

    Broken Isles:
    Like Northrend, now a sandbox continent. Still some Fel activity there.

    The Old World:
    You can return to the old Cata world by way of the Bronze Dragonflight. Since a lot of features have been cut, you'll have to return there if you for some reason want to run Stratholme or visit Deepholm.


    World of Warcraft: Gloomsplash will start out with two brand new raid instances.

    The Darkmoon Grande

    The Darkmoon Fair, now under threat by it's largest competitor to date, experiments with some dangerous concepts. In order to test their newest theme park ideas, you can enter an alternate dimension via special ticket. Only 25 people are allowed in at max!


    Shamshashazar - The clownlike bouncer of the Darkmoon Grande that tests your stomach strength before allowing access to the Flippin' Ride.

    The Flippin' Ride - an overtuned ride that you'll only ever pay for once - with your life!

    Zilizine - Zalazane's lost sister, now a failed and resentful medium of the Darkmoon Faire, that couldn't predict the rise of the big circus or anything really. Hacked her way into the Darkmoon Grande.

    Eckenburg and Burko - Eckenburg is an acrobat who switched bodies with the giant toad Burko in wake of the Gloomsplash. Now a toad, he protects his toad-inhabited human body with acrobatic excellence. Has turned mad in the process.

    Aether Engine - Big disco engine that powers and manages the Darkmoon Grande. Has been amateurishly set up and thus turned the entire installation into life-threatening mayhem. The engine needs to be stopped!


    Sil'Arion, great city of glass will suddenly appear at the southern cape of Kalimdor. As emissaries, adventurers, troops and expeditions dispatched never returned, it is now on the players to find out what happened, rescue any survivors and discover what this shining city may hold.


    Lazire - At the end of a walk through a silent city devoid of people the raid will be all of a sudden attacked by the boss Lazire, the stained-glass butterfly, that breaks out of a window if you get too close. After defeating her the city lightens up and will suddenly become populated with trash.

    Zealot of the Lost Tongue - Unintelligible, mutilated ancestor, clad in scrolls of parchment inscribed with a forgotten language.

    Collection of Champions - A bunch of stray wayfarers that have been lost in time and gathered all kinds of acclaim in various alternate universes.

    Sunsquasher - Scarab carrying a big ball of sunlight. Tries to be the ultimate paladin.

    Potential Prophet Luminariss - At the beginning of the fight, Solariss makes a prophecy that your party will survive and he'll die. The goal is to prove him wrong (he'll admit defeat and let you pass). Solariss will constantly draw his own life force in order to heal the raid. Should you fail, it'll be revealed that he was a copy all along and your forward motion will be blocked.

    Veliam - A haughty harbinger who claims that the Light is actually the Shadow's shadow. Since she doesn't make any sense, she needs to be taken care of.

    Taciturn Image - Someone's Simulacrum. Has been studying the world's knowledge in the time-lost vaults of Sil'Arion. Though he's unmasked, nobody knows who's image this could be. After his defeat the entire city of Sil'Arion melts into thin air.


    Many more features await, like the Cloudrealms, only to be reached via flying mounts. Set out for new adventures in this strange new old world, get to the bottom of things and discover the secrets behind all these phenomena! Don't lose heart when faced with the horrors of the Gloomsplash. Forward to victory!


    I hope this leak has proven a fun, interesting and inspiring read for you. Feel free to fill in the many blanks with your imagination (or ask and I'll try to come up with a satisfying answer)! If you have any kind of criticism, please let me know.
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    100% true. I confirm this.
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    cool story bro

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    GLOOMSPLASH'd. It shall only be referred to in all caps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bumbasta View Post
    100% true. I confirm this.
    Thank You Bumbasta, I appreciate your endorsement!

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    Oh god... this is the silliest name i've ever seen in confirmed leaks.

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    Imagine spending the time to write something as poor as this
    Worst fictional leak yet.

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    Gloomsplash sounds like Halloween DLC for Splatoon 2 on Nintendo Switch.

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    Auction house of time? Timewalker? XDDDDDDDDDDD

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    Spent all that time writing a leak that is just one of the worst yet. Gloom splash really? Believe the shadowlands one more than this, although give you some points on having bit of info. Overall score is a 3/10

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bindanda View Post
    cool story bro

    Quote Originally Posted by BigToast View Post
    GLOOMSPLASH'd. It shall only be referred to in all caps.
    Thanks for the friendly reply!

    Quote Originally Posted by Mendzia View Post
    Oh god... this is the silliest name i've ever seen in confirmed leaks.
    Quote Originally Posted by Pendragon View Post
    Imagine spending the time to write something as poor as this
    Worst fictional leak yet.
    I'm glad I could still surprise you. As long as this leak is referred to in superlatives I can die happily

    Quote Originally Posted by AlmightyGerkin View Post
    Spent all that time writing a leak that is just one of the worst yet. Gloom splash really? Believe the shadowlands one more than this, although give you some points on having bit of info. Overall score is a 3/10

    I appreciate that you read it and gave it your appropriate score <3 Criticism is good.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pendragon View Post
    Imagine spending the time to write something as poor as this
    Worst fictional leak yet.
    Whoooosh and 10 characters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cpt Cptn View Post
    9.0 LEAK
    World of Warcraft:
    You failed by the time you got here. What you have served up was at best your hopes and dreams for the next expansion. Nothing more.

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    Timewalker like those tauren dudes in WC3?
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    GLOOMSPLASH is an excellent title well done Blizzard

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    As legitimate es every other leak Ive seen on the last month.

    Give it a week or two and it'll be breaking news on youtube.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caperfin View Post
    Timewalker like those tauren dudes in WC3?
    Maybe! I haven't thought about racial restrictions, but maybe all races should be able to play as a timewalker

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    A lot of effort for a troll post

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    Quote Originally Posted by elesh01 View Post
    Whoooosh and 10 characters.
    Nothing at all went over my head. If this was a joke then it's a poor one.
    Also, you shouldn't even be commenting if you can't write something that's more than 10 characters long.

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    --- snip ---
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