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    So basically you're saying eliminate Pvp from the game...
    Was PvP eliminated from the game before Legion?

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    Was PvP eliminated from the game before Legion?
    No, but set bonuses existed in pvp and the entire class design revolved around PVE. Pvp talents fill a needed niche in the game, not for every class, but definitely for most classes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dracullus View Post
    I agree. Just think about what happened to legendaries. During Legion min-maxers bitched about this 24/7, but they served as spice to 'food' - emissary, mythic+ and raids. People cared about different pieces of content. People that raged about them didn't quit, but do all this content with rest of us.

    It needed some tweak for BfA - (imo) we should have less of them and have ability to target first one. But no, screaming was so loud that Blizzard just scrap whole system. So no wonder that AP grind in BfA feel so bland - it just have no spice.
    Yeah. I honestly loved Legendaries. It was my favorite thing about legion apart from the introduction of Mythic+.

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    This thread needs to calm down. Discuss the OP civilly and constructively, and don't insult people who disagree with you either way.
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