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    Cool, shame it was the players that made the drift from quests to trackers.

    I do agree though, I enjoy reading and getting hints on where to go, however lots of quests texts in a lot of games are quite shit when it comes to descriptions.
    Sometimes it's just "Go east" and then you have to walk more north / south than east, so it has it's issues which causes frustrations. Mankrik's Wife is a testament to that.

    It's general problem in todays gaming world though. Everything that takes time is wasting your time. Elden Ring managed to make it work in a open world setting, though it had some issues at times as well... it's a balancing act and a difficult one at that. Think it's easier in a single player game however.
    Good luck trying to convince people to embrace it when it comes to WoW considering the communities stance when it comes to wasting time.
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    Did this dude just bump a 2 year old dead thread with a fucking Baldular video?

    Man. Time's are rough, eh?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mysterymask View Post
    how the fuck did you "Miss Questing" in wow? Wow literally shoves QUESTS in your face the second you get in. Did you miss the GIANT EXCLAMATION MARK ON THE GUY RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU WHEN YOU SPAWN IN . Like quests were pretty literally shoved in your face in the beginning of the game since vanilla. You are going to tell me you decided "Oh that guy with the OBVIOUS EXCLAMATION POINT" isn't important I should just grind these boars.
    I came from Runescape. After completing quests, you pretty much grinded mobs.

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    Seems like they took the World PvP Skirmishes idea, with the Ashenvale example, and implemented it in the Seasons of Discovery's Battle for Ashenvale world PvP event.

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    Stop asking to turn retail into classic. Leave retail alone. Just play Classic and ask for Classic+. That "Vanilla/TBC is the best Wow" - is major reason, why Wow has been dying since Cata.

    Retail Wow has only one major problem - lack of difficulty setting to allow players to play game, how they prefer. If player prefers to do everything solo and via using "trivial" normal flying - it's his choice. It's better to have solo player, than no player at all. Hardcore players shouldn't be bothered by existence of solo players. Same as existence of M+ and raids doesn't bother solo players. Solo players don't take anything away from them. Implementation of solo-friendly content doesn't mean removal of M+, raids, arenas and RBGs. Only thing, that can be harmed - their ego. Nothing else.
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    I don't care about Wow 11.0, if it's not solo-MMO. No half-measures - just perfect xpack.

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