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    I'm so glad my guild quit raiding 1-2 months before 8.2 so I skipped the shitshow that this benthic bis pearlgrind of a patch is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dcc626 View Post
    because getting to 100% power level usually leads to not playing anymore.
    Reaching to 100% power level leads to brief satisfaction and maybe a break until the max power level is raised, when you're reinvigorated by the break and have the motivation to grind again.

    Never being able to reach 100% power level leads to frustration, disappointment, rage quitting and often not coming back to the game, at all.

    When patch cycles were "progression - farm (lull)" back and forth, people kept coming back. Since Legion when they undermined the concept of farm / lull / done until next patch, I see more and more people quit and never come back.

    More people are interested in Classic where "BIS" is hard to obtain, but well defined what it is, than retail where the gear "power levels" are muddled to the max.

    Worst part about Benthic is they were made for casuals, but casuals ignore them and only hardcores farm it. A friend of mine went to help his friend who is in a guild progressing heroic (they're yet to get curve). Nobody wore benthic.

    It's like the old joke: what's the difference between matches and tits? Tits are for babies but adults play with it, matches are for adults, but kids play with it.
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    I got all my best benthic with sockets up to 425, gloves, boots, bracers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dcc626 View Post
    because getting to 100% power level usually leads to not playing anymore.
    Good content + good gear progression = More people likely to play longer, the games fun whether you hit theoretical max power or not.
    Bad content + Bad gear progression, with RNG layers and Grinding = People more likely to realise the futility of even playing and not bother.

    At wows peak, we had good content and a linear progression system. The biggest fall of players in history coincides with the introduction RNG effects on gear. Not LFD, not LFR, Warforging. It's pretty obvious to me that it was a bad idea, but since it's introduction the content quality has reduced, so now they have to rely on hooking people in with grinds. This is why we have Azerite armor, and will surely have the same system again next expansion.

    The drive to achieve 100% power is lost when you make it effectively impossible. The drive to achieve 100% power is also a massive hook that keeps many people playing.

    My opinion stands,

    No RNG gem slots
    No RNG item level increasing
    No RNG stats

    It would instantly make the game more appealing to many people. They need to make a better game, not more mind trick systems to try and get people to play. Ion seems determined that Warfarging / RNG sockets is legitimately a good thing. Millions of the people that payed his salary disagree hence why they no longer do. It's getting to the point where I'd rather be rid of Ion than any individual failure of a system that has been introduced on his watch, because even if we shout loud enough to revert some of these changes, it's inevitable that he's gonna stroll along and fuck it up again a year down the line, with some other bright idea to keep us logging in.

    Everyone hated on Ghostcrawler in the lead-up / after his departure, and I cannot fathom why. He steered the ship though it's most successful, and arguably most enjoyable times. Ion has been running the game consistently further and further into the ground since he took the helm. He was a spectacular encounter designer, but a terrible game designer.
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