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    RP Behavior on PvP Realms

    Hey Everyone,

    I'm going to start by trying to head off a few potential arguments that i'm sure will come up. i'm not here complaining about pvp servers generally, i've made my choice and that's fine.
    Secondly this isn't a throwaway account making a troll post, just forgot my details for main account and can't get into my email to reset

    Now my questions:
    I've not played much on PvP before so i'm not sure if this is common behavior, but there seems to be something about WPVP that turns players into RP'ers. As soon as you have a few kills from the opposite faction, or a group form up you get this bombardment of messages in the general chat with things like "Alliance scum attacking X, form up Horde! Fight back against them!" and other such things. Where does this weird "nationalistic" (for lack of a better word) stuff come from? why is LFG for a dungeon posted as "LFM BRD need DPS", but LFG for PvP posted as "Come brothers! Lend me your axe in our battle against our foe!"? Where is this need to role play coming from?

    Secondly, why are people playing on PvP servers so angry when high levels kill them? I saw in general chat today "Cuck soiboy lvl ?? alliance pally killing people at X location" and "Alliance kids ganking in a group here, typical scummy behavior from them". Like both factions aren't exactly the same? Like the same people making these comments don't kill the opposing faction when they have the chance? Why this bizarre superiority complex from each faction?

    Sorry if this post seems a bit pointless, i'm just finding the PvP experience very odd and am looking for some feedback.

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    Then superior complex comes from the "us against them" mentality humans have for like forever. Happens everywhere in the world even right now. This is not a WoW thing.

    Why people tend to roleplay in PVP I don't know, but i witnessed the same thing many times.

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    I'll limit the majority of the answer to, "FUN".

    As for the raging, most likely because they aren't in the mood.
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    Because the horde are scum and all of the alliance must take up arms to protect the world against them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sadoraan1 View Post
    "Cuck soiboy lvl ?? alliance pally killing people at X location"
    This is like a PSA saying "Put me on Ignore." Would do again.
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    It is not the same as talking about math either.
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