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    in retail

    but in classic however ;DD

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    Necklevel at 67/68 farming a few more R4 essences, PUGing HC-raid, PUGing M+ for specific pieces - ilvl at 446+. My ALTs are at 440+ from weekly-10 so I got a bit more time on my main to do some old missing reputations.

    The usual stuff since legion.
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    Let my sub run out a month ago, just couldn't find a class I enjoyed playing this expac so I'm waiting for 9.0 to see what that brings I might sub again if 9.0 looks promising and is revealed at blizz con

    Edit: actualy it was 3 months ago.... Fuck me time flys
    stuck in the D2:shadow keep Que....please send help!

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    Raiding - 8/8 M soon and trying to get 420 alts in heroic raid pugs.
    Pushing M+ on main and a bit on alts.
    Currently working on getting the crab mount that walks sideways.
    Battlegrounds for rank 4 essence as with great gear comes great stomping.
    Selling M+ carries to buy AH mount and finally, transmog yak.
    Clearing up AP to get my neck to 70 for final lore scenario for the rank 4 essence.

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    Not doing much in WoW atm. Sometimes I log in, camping the rares with mount-drop-chance in Mechagon, then log out. I'm not even raiding anymore.
    Stopped playing classic with two characters at lvl 20. I played Vanilla since 2005 and I wasn't waiting for Classic anyway.
    Today I'll start doing dailies at the Brewfest since there are some new things (Tabard, Toys) to get.

    There is something nice coming with 8.2.5 (Beemount) and the ending of the Warcampaign. Then waiting for BlizzCon, hoping for lots of infos to get me hyped for things to come. After that the 15 Year Anniversary stuff.

    I enjoy the free time I have since playing less WoW. I'm playing many old games I have at GoG or watching Lets plays of these I'm to clumsy to learn the controls.

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    Rated PvP, rep farming, maybe I'll gear an alt. Very chill play at the current state.

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    -Mythic raid 2 nights a week
    -2 optional nights for HC and Normal for alts (I usually attend both)
    -Weekly m+ on 4-5 characters, sometimes I do a few extra on main
    -Islands cap on 2 characters (in rare cases I might do more)
    -Warfront if it's up
    -Emissaries/WQs on 4-5 characters (I don't have them overlapping but for example i'll bang out 3 emissaries on like 2 chars in 1 day and next day i have 3 on another char)
    -Conquest cap on main
    -Mechagon for achievements/mounts (only need bigger bag from nazjatar so not much left there)
    -Mount/tmog runs in old raids
    -Leveling allied races on the side for tmog/achievements
    -Farming achievements (recently did pet familiar in BFA for example, looking at doing Argus one next)
    -The weekly quest (sometimes its easy and i get it done automatically like this week when its 20 WQs, otherwise i do the timewalking or w/e it is)
    -Gear some of my lesser alts outside raids/m+ like doing nazjatar for example

    There's probably more things but these are just some that come to mind

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    Killed Mythic Azshara a few weeks ago so pretty much just weekly reclear along with some EP & M+ sales here and there

    Then just mount farming and trying to get a few more Rank 4s

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    Quote Originally Posted by theundad View Post
    I think I posted a few months back that I'm mainly just looking to collect the alt appearance Darkshore items for transmog. It's been months. I still don't have them. I've got a lot of ilevel 400 cloaks tho. A. lot. of. cloaks. I'm starting to enjoy beating seven colours of *&it out of Maiev a little too much.. Give me the damn plate shoulders Maiev....*twitch*

    My personal hell not withstanding.. What are other people doing in game at the moment?

    I'm mainly waiting for the next patch. Wrapping up the war campaign and putting all this to bed.
    Collecting essences and pushing keys. A bit of not crazy AP grind. Bit of a downtime.

    Also tried some classic, because I expected it would be a good filler between patches. I really thought I would be more interested. Will wait for TBC, if it happens.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Laraven View Post
    Just came back a month ago from a 2 year break. I'm also still recovering from major burnout in MoP. I Lvld on launch for BFA and then quit. So I am just gearing a bit in Mythic dungeons and collecting the pets/mounts I missed. All my guildies pretty much quit or are playing Classic. So idk how long I will last. Kinda bored. Maybe gonna dabble in heroic raiding. Never touching Mythic raiding again. Ever.
    i failed so much appearing in game that i just stopped with mythic raiding

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