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    Quote Originally Posted by rohoz View Post
    And ICC patch was also if not the longest, the 2nd longest content patch. Maybe deathwing patch was longer but I'm unsure/don't care
    Pretty sure the longest patch was SoO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dorothyjean View Post
    If it's not a players responsibility to engage what is fun for them than why even buy or play video games? It is solely up to you what you like and you take chances on new stuff to see if you like it and after that it's all on you what you want to do. World of Warcraft is designed to be accessible to everyone and it's your choice at what level you want to play. If you don't like LFR -- don't do it. It's literally that simple. I don't like Mythic+ and I do it every now and then for something different to do but I still raid 4 nights a week but I don't shit on M+ -- it's just not my thing.

    LFR didn't cause anyone to leave the game ... a bunch of whiny crybabies left the game because it wasn't designed for them specifically and they whined about it. I have multiple AOTC's, Hand of A'dal title and have been raiding a lot since the start of BC and LFR has never bugged me once to leave. What makes me leave are the time sinks in the game that are insanely idiotic like Artifact power or even now with Azerite power where I feel like I have to keep "doing stuff" in order to maintain a high level of raiding for myself. I'd rather just hang with my guild, raid and then do whatever else I want but no... every raid... and then right after "Hey... M+? M+? M+? Islands? Need that Azerite fix!" ad naseum.

    It's a video game ... it's not a life choice. If the game becomes boring for you, you quit the video game and if you want to bitch about it go ahead but no one cares ultimately. As you said "They won't do it" ... well don't! Don't do LFR but by all means shut the f up about it for being boring and dull or as many people do who feel like this "oh look at me, I'm gonna do LFR and be a dickhead or go AFK or LOL I stayed outside the room and made the boss reset... man I'm awesome at this video game and should be an asshole to other people because LFR sucks for me.

    People always quit video games -- how am I delusional? Ultima Online was my first MMO and it had thousands of players when it came out and it had like 250,000 subscribers and now it's not even close to that. Should I blame Ultima Online for dwindling numbers even though their game became easier? No, I quit a VIDEO GAME and played another VIDEO GAME. :P
    You are minority and classic proves you wrong.

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    I liked the upgrade system, Normal, Heroic and Mythic should drop gear at a set Ilevel. you can upgrade each piece twice (that adds 5ilevel each). LFR should only drop the currency used to upgrade. That currency could in turn also be used to buy Heroic dungeon level gear directly from a vendor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elias01 View Post
    You are minority and classic proves you wrong.
    I don't think he is. Neither a minority nor wrong. I don't go into lfr and normal maybe one week. We killed ashvane on mythic last night and it felt amazing.

    You know what did not feel amazing? Forever having to run SSC and TK to get new players equipt and attuned for BT.

    I do though agree that lfr should be harder. Delete lfr make it normal. Like Ff14 dies.
    And maybe get the really big complicated attunments back. Much to do. Nothing gated

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    i love the current model. i mostly ignore lfr. i finish normal in week 1 so i can have a quick look to all bosses and then for my guild is like 2-3 months to get aotc, we dont have enough people to do mitych and that is fine.

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    But this way they can claim they have HEAPS of content.

    4 difficulties has ruined iLevel inflation too.

    All the white knights can claim: "Have you cleared Mythic yet? No? Then you haven't done all the content in this patch REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE"

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    Quote Originally Posted by rohoz View Post
    wotlk had the longest "content drought" and the highest player growth

    what is the truth?

    people were happy as fuck to farm 232 gear for an entire year and never do the raid. WotLK was also the poster child for "catch up/welfare"

    content drought is just a meme by mmo-champ mouthbreathers
    WotLK was start of "end" Game started to stagnate and since half of the expansion it went down.

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