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    Are there any huge benefits for blacksmithing right now that I may be missing? My DK runs herb/mining as its primary gold income. Herbs go to my Druid (I know, my Druid should have herbing) for pots/flasks with the rest sold on the AH. Mining mats are sold on the AH or stocked up for dailies.

    If I was to roll BS on my DK (in place of herbing), could I still generate consist income? I'm thinking primarily about BOE gear here but with Benthic existing, I'm wondering if there's any point.

    Edit: also happy to use gold generating methods from previous expansions i.e. Sulfuron Hammer sales.
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    You can craft the odd novelty item here and there and sell them on the AH for some gold.
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    Stick with herbing. BS can only really craft items for itself. It can craft the 1/2 mount to the gallywix but those go for cheap and the boe gear is meh not really worth much. Alchemist for potions and guild use a lot of them for heroic and mythic progression.

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    It's actually very useful because you can craft good items

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    There is a small and inconsistent market for transmog items, but depending on your server may not be worth your time unless you enjoy the profession and hunting old recipes.

    The current expansion stuff is very lackluster aside from weapons for newly 120 characters, but the armor is nearly useless with Benthic tokens so easily available.
    The good BoP items are locked behind raiding drops, which completely defeats the purpose of crafting imo.

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