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    I prefer having classes because I like alts.

    Though in some games like FFXIV the leveling process is so long the job system there is good for that game.

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    Really depends on the game. It's not the worst, but I think ESO should have went with classless. WoW is fine with classes, just wish they were a bit more open (I just really want two handed frost back).
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    Class system definitely.

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    I prefer class system because I like alts and having different races.

    I would like FFXIV job system more if the leveling wasn’t so damn boring.

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    I'm all about changing things and progressing but I think the final fantasy job system is stupid also i'd probably get bored without all the different class/spec identities and themes

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    In classless system you get less options because other players will force you to get the optimal build for raid.
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