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    Flying combat was a feature on the box for wotlk that never happened because it just wont work in wow. So if they knew back in wotlk that trying to get flying combat working would be a S#$@ show what makes you think it will be any better especially with how hard blizzard wants to get rid of flying so they don't have to put in as much effort in making the world.
    Well, to be fair, there was some flying combat within 1 dungeon and 1 raid.
    Everyone and their grandmother has avoided both of these like a plague.

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    There are two main problems here:

    1) Believing in BS leaks, of which we have like 10 different ones
    2) Not applying common sense and previously acquired knowledge of the game to things you hear

    No, it won't happen

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    I kinda hope this isn’t true. I don’t think all classes should be able to shapeshift.
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    3D combat in WoW is really Not Good.

    I'm not sure exactly why, but judging depth or distance in space, it's just hard. For example, you're underwater and you kill something at range. You want to loot it, so you aim at it and swim.

    If the loot cursor didn't "enable", would you really know when you were within range? Now imagine melee combat. No thanks.

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