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    Will you still play after hitting 60?

    I just got to 60 on saturday; my gametime expires wednesday but wont add any more at the moment since i am not in the mood to play with another char. It was really fun til 60, great experience in the first 2 weeks or so, after that was just normal. I think getting the mount at 40 reduced the sociability a bit, would have been better to get one just at 60 imo. Anyway it was sure worth it these past 30 days.

    My poll is about other characters included as well, im not refering just to the one which hit 60.
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    I will at least still be playing after I hit 60 on my main. If my guild sticks around, I'll be leveling alts. My first alt is going to be a warlock, so I'll save the mount money at 40.

    edit: I don't know that I'll get as far as raiding (my guild doesn't have the numbers for 40-man raiding unless we do some crazy recruiting or do joint runs with other guilds), but I want to at least get pre-raid BiS on my main. That should keep me busy enough for a while.
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    60 is just the beginning. I need to work on my pre-bis asap. Plenty of people in my guild are already raiding ony and MC. I got a lot of catching up to do. Before I know it BWL will be here.
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    Yep, levelling 2-3 other classes to 60 asap to decide a main character from the pool of 3-4.

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    As soon as honor and HKs (phase 2) are in the game we'll really see things liven up.

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    Going to play until i cleared all raids. That's pretty much my goal. After that i will have to see.

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    It seems a vast majority will actually quit after level 60.

    What i'm concerned about is, will they go back to retail or quit wow all together?

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    im still having a blast, farming my epic mount. Pretty much have all pre-raid BiS at this point but still on the lookout for a few rares that would be a improvement. Hope to be doing more of MC and Ony soon.

    Not planning an alt rn, because i want to get everything with a char first.

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    I will probably solo some old dungeons or something for the hell of it once I hit 60 (currently at 43), but I don't imagine I'll play much longer after that. I really enjoy the grind provided by classic's levelling, but the rest of the game is too shallow for me to enjoy for very long.

    As for alts, maybe I'll try one out with each new phase or something, but it will still be just to level.
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    Ofc I will, why are we leveling then ? to enjoy the shitshow that is Vanilla questing ?

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    my plan:

    - get to 60 (mid 40s now; aiming for end of October at the latest).
    - start running BRD, Scholo, Strat, LBRS, UBRS whenver the opportunity arises. clear quest log, get items, aim for BiS and crafting mats
    - level crafting to 300, master specialization and collect recipes.
    - Hydraxian Waterlords, Thorium Brotherhood, Argent Dawn rep grinds replace daily leveling experience for the past ~ 2 months.
    - Molten Core + Onxyia attunments; raid where time allows. Aim to clear MC + Onyxia at least once before phase 2 hits.

    This will keep me busy well until the new year at least.

    Phase 2 will bring Dire Maul, which will be a nice way to boost crafting/supplement raid gear. Don't care much for world bosses.

    Phase 3 will bring Blackwing Lair, which is where raiding becomes a bit more serious. Having started from day 1, i won't be playing catchup this time around and will be geared and ready. Looking forward to finding time to kill Nefarion when he's relevant progression content! More importantly, AV and WSG battlegrounds are launched. I will lose months in these battlegrounds, and it will likely be my default WoW activity through the spring to next summer.

    Phase 4 is Zul Gurub, a lateral raid in difficulty but more casual friendly. I was my favorite raid back in the day during Vanilla, hoping the same again. Also, just as I'm beginning to tire of AV and WSG, suddenly Arathi Basin is launched -- the best battleground in all of MMO history (honorable mentions to Rift's Black Garden and SWTOR's Huttball).

    Phase 5 all about the Ahn'Qiraj war effort and Dungeon 0.5 sets. I look forward to doing ALL the dungeon 0.5 set questchain as my personal goal. Will also contribute to the effort where possible, grind Cenarion Circle rep. I'll likely raid some of AQ20. AQ40 is where the rubber hits the road, and I doubt I'll see that raid seriously.

    Phase 6 is Naxxramas. While I won't be AQ40 geared, i suspect warm bodies will be needed more desperately at that phase and I hope to get into some PUGs/standby raids. I have fight familiarity thanks to WotLK, but the difficulty is on another level in Classic. This is THE END of Classic, and liekly the target for year 2+.

    I'll be playing Classic for 2-3 years, and only once i've exhausted all this content will I think about what's next.

    Honestly, I hope they don't progress too fast to a Burning Crusade expansion. Vanilla was too short the first time around!

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    nope, im slowly leveling just doing a nostalgia trip
    once im 60 that ends because classic doesn't really have anything to offer me beyond that

    maybe I'll do all raids once (so far at lvl 44 and iv only done stockades and rfd once)

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    Im lvl 39 right now and going strong, I plan on leveling rested juggling a Pally and Druid next.

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    Absolutely, mc and ony are easy, there's no stress involved and I am having loads of fun in a really active, hardcore guild with like 120 members online during peak hours.

    I've never felt more at home in WoW.

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    No interest in end game, I'll just level another class.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Koken View Post
    It seems a vast majority will actually quit after level 60.

    What i'm concerned about is, will they go back to retail or quit wow all together?
    For me, I will definitely go back to retail, just not BFA. However, I do plan to do some dungeons, raid, and PVP once I hit 60. I will play at least until the next xpak comes out, then I will likely swap back over to retail. I highly suspect they will go back on several of the bad changes they made for BFA, and also they will likely put more effort into the next xpak.

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    Why wouldn't I? This is an RPG not some race to 60 time trial

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    Of course. The game starts at 60.
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    All I want is TBC servers so I would mostly wait for that though I would farm pvp titles in classic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by probert View Post
    my plan:

    Phase 2

    Phase 3 will bring Blackwing Lair

    Phase 4 is Zul Gurub

    Phase 5 all about the Ahn'Qiraj

    Phase 6 is Naxxramas
    Since P1 till P5 is completly overnerfed in the 1.12 version, so you wont have any issues appart from getting into ANY raiding guild to clear them at content release.

    Repgrind and professions are a bit to much dont you think? Both take much longer as the leveling process and your time schedule seems to be just borderline viable for any kind of MMO. Things like honor grind even for the lowest usefull ranks (10/11) are out of the picture.

    If you manage to get into a "Naxx PUG" someday with your casual gametime, please post about it, because you might be the first casual player to do that out of the 180.000.000 who played WoW at some point.
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