View Poll Results: For how long you will play after hitting 60?

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  • subscribed for life

    12 25.00%
  • til all phases are live

    10 20.83%
  • for quite a while

    8 16.67%
  • for just a little while longer

    6 12.50%
  • not going to play after 60

    12 25.00%
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    I'm not sure I will even hit 60. I'm 30 now and its soooooo slow and tedious. I'd be surprised if I even get to 40 at this rate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ange View Post
    Since P1 till P5 is completly overnerfed in the 1.12 version, so you wont have any issues appart from getting into ANY raiding guild to clear them at content release.

    Repgrind and professions are a bit to much dont you think? Both take much longer as the leveling process and your time schedule seems to be just borderline viable for any kind of MMO. Things like honor grind even for the lowest usefull ranks (10/11) are out of the picture.

    If you manage to get into a "Naxx PUG" someday with your casual gametime, please post about it, because you might be the first casual player to do that out of the 180.000.000 who played WoW at some point.
    you edited my post to filter out all the color commentary and RPG / living world stuff i was looking forward too, and reduced it to the raid announcments.

    the difference between retail and classic is that people could play classic for 2 years -- have the best gaming memories of their lives -- and never have stepped foot into Naxx (or AQ40 for that matter).

    also... some people play battlegrounds for fun. i have no intention of getting to any of the uber high ranks. exalted with the factions would be more than fine. i made Knight-Lieutenant last time around and it didn't take much effort.

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    After hitting 60? Certainly. And If I don't find the time for raiding ill level a 2nd toon and then a 3rd They re already created anyway, waiting at Kharanos and Goldshire gathering rested XP at levels 7, 8 and 10 ! My "mains" are level 18 and 33 and not in a hurry at all!

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    You didn't include the option "will bounce between retail and classic as each of them adds more content".

    I have well over an year of sub so I'll definitely keep playing (probably mostly retail) and classic as it adds more content. Currently 56 and stopped as I'll be going on vacation for the remaining of the week (just in time so my friends catch up so we can run some instances together before never entering them again). Can already feel the bore of level 60 as beyond completing the attunements and getting some pre-raid gear there's literally nothing to do outside of weekly MC/Ony (that is if raiding anyway) and farm gold.

    The honor system will spice it up a bit but only by so much until battlegrounds. DM will join the pool of dungeons that there's no purpose in running shortly after being added.

    Then once bg's get added it's all run some bg's and whatever pugs happen.
    Warlock soloing (old & abandoned)

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    warrior is 60
    alt is around 40

    waiting for my casual friends to hit 60 and start raiding :P they are all around 45-55 atm

    want to check out the raids with them .. nothing more is planned atm

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