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    Chariots in Warcraft

    So, chariots. We've never really seen chariots in use in Warcraft at all, which I would guess is because it would be difficult to make them not look wonky as hell when moving across any non-flat terrain, both in the RTS games and in World of Warcraft. But there's definitely some evidence of them existing with old broken-down chariots lying around, we've just never seen them in use.

    Given WoW's modern technology, it wouldn't surprise me if they could be made to work- and if we hadn't already had the big final battle with Azshara, it could've been a cool way for Naga to have some mobility! And I for one just think seeing chariots could be cool overall- maybe some Orcish wolf chariots, or elven Hawkstrider chariots, or maybe even an Alliance chariot pulled by lions.

    For all I know though, they wouldn't work at all, and even then, would it be worth the effort? What do you guys think? Do you reckon WoW's technology these days could make chariots work, and if so, would you want to see them become part of the world at all, or should they just remain a vague footnote that nobody ever really talks about?
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    I'm pretty sure there is a handful of quests where we travel in a chariot

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