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    Roll a class that can heal or a warrior, and be prepared to heal/tank. Suddenly finding groups is easy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schmilblick View Post
    No it's not, it's just more restricted (no auto-groupings...etc)
    ahh ok thanks for the clarification.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Velerios View Post
    What's wrong: THE TELEPORT. Nothing but the Teleport. The system itself is not an issue, THE TELEPORT IS IT! Teleporting from everywhere to the instance ruins the experience to get in there. Especially since many dungeon entrace are not easily accessable. I wish we still had this in Vanilla: to get to the dungeon, you need to go with a group, at least at your level. The meeting-stone can be outside before the dangerous zone and then you go in there, do maybe even some quests in the outside world (but not like the mining-quest in deadmines where the respawn takes forever) and then go inside. The dungeon before the dungeon.

    All in all: if LFG/LFR was only about putting in groups to go into the dungeon/raid it would be no issue. But it's far too convenient. But if it was just the system without any teleport: WHO CARES. Spamming into chat does not really makes any difference, but the whole thing after does.

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    At least this. Sadly the LFG-Channel don't get activated on default. Too many people still spams in trade-chat. But in the end: if it was just: hey, we found a group for you and put it together, now do your thing, LFG-system would not be an issue. But the teleporting-stuff makes it too fast, too lazy and too convenient.
    I'm not talking about the teleport feature one. There is a LFG tool in BFA that just has you post what you are doing and people sign up for it. It is built into the BFA client and all it does is allow you to create groups while showing a little bit of information about who is signing up, i.e. class, level, role.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrA View Post
    I know so people are going to flame this but... I just gotta ask. What would be so wrong with the BFA group finding system (ie the one you use to do World Quests and such) as an LFG/LFR tool to have easier sign-ups and raid creation? It would be more of a UI upgrade and less of a spamming world chat issue.
    Just use the LFG addon, it just compiles all the LFG. LFM spam in the chat channels and puts it into a list all you do is simply whisper the group leader and ask for an invite.

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    [QUOTE=Kaver;51629580]Classic is build around adding people to your friend list and being active in your guild. So using artificial tools to make groups with random people is not necessary. In Classic you are meant to do 90% of group content with people from your friend list or guild. Making PUGs with random people is not the intent of the game.[/QUOTE
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    Quote Originally Posted by Costa View Post
    Not going to lie, if waiting 45 minutes for a healer or a tank to join your group is fun rather than queueing as 3 friends to join a dungeon is not fun then im confused. How is it fun being AFK in a game lol. People who say this i doubt even play the game or have any issues finding groups because they are either playing with 5 plus friends or in a guild with 100 plus players.

    I like Classic its a great game but i can't wait 45 minutes for a healer to respond to /4 or /1 to do a dungeon with me and my 4 friends and questing is also not good as 2 or more people but thats not the argument to have in this thread. If they added the LFG or even LFD tool to Classic it would not hurt "communities" as the communities are still there but if you just want to play with a few friends and needed 1 more person than using such tool is benefitial and keeps you playing.

    We all know when Classic was released that for the first month or so people would be buzzing for the game, but its over the next couple of months we shall see how many stick around and how many dropped off with the data we can have access too.

    I am intrigued to hear the Q3 trade call from Blizzard though.
    For you I don't see an issue with a LFG tool because you are already playing with your friends/guildies, so using a LFG tool to find the last member would not create any problems in my opinion.

    The real issue that I see, is that a LFG tool would result in more people that play the game ONLY by using the LFG tool. They don't make any friends and they are not active in any guild. EVERYTIME they need a group they just use the LFG tool and they never add any group members to their friend list because there is no need to. They use LFG everytime they need a group. This behavior is not good for a game like Classic and a LFG tool will most likely result in a lot of player behaving like this.

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    The only positive aspect of LFG would be that it would give a chance for non spellcleaves to spam dungeons, level and get geared past 50 as well. But they would need to disable teleport and of course make it server only.

    Wasn't it a system like that right before BC with meeting stones?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gratlim View Post
    The only positive aspect of LFG would be that it would give a chance for non spellcleaves to spam dungeons, level and get geared past 50 as well. But they would need to disable teleport and of course make it server only.

    Wasn't it a system like that right before BC with meeting stones?
    Damn I did recall in tBC being in que for leveling dungeons but I forgot how that worked. I just remembered the eye icon when put into "lfm mode".

    IMO, the M+ style of lfg is fine enough of a tool to form groups. People post listings, a comment to what's required and others still need to post their ticket for an inv that only shows their class/level/and role. It's still within server for Classic and still requires people to travel to the instance.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Elias01 View Post
    If you really sit 45 minuets spaming chat to create group you are clearly doing something wrong.
    lol wait 3 months for people to finish leveling, it'll be impossible to find groups for level 25-45 dungeons if you're on an alt, just like it was in vanilla. Alternatively if you're on a low pop realm just wait a few months for half the players to quit and then be unable to find a group for anything outside peak hours.

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