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    Horde [H][OC][Thaurissan] <Esprit> 6/8M ETP 4 Raid Teams!

    Update - We're actually 8/8M for ETP but seems like can';t change the topic :/


    <Esprit> on Thaurissan (H) is recruiting for Ny'alotha and subsequent tiers! We are 8/8M !!

    We comprise of a Multi-National Community in a semi casual guild environment to push progression together!
    Raid Times: 3 nights (Wed/Thurs/Mon 11pm-2.30am Server Time)

    We are currently looking for the following classes to join us in our Raiding journey:
    (If you don't match any of the class below but want to try anyway feel free to talk to us!)
    - Hunter
    - Mage
    - Rogue

    Casual players are also more than welcome!
    We are more than just a raiding guild and we enjoy hanging out and doing random things!

    If you're interested to join us, Do respond here or feel free to pm one of our officers directly at :
    - Pewpewpew#1884
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    Bump for recruiting for 8.3 and also we're 8/8M ETP now

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