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    Quote Originally Posted by CottonCandyCastro View Post
    But how could they stealth nerf us? We don't have stealth.
    Shadow Priests must have something, then. Because every time I gank one, I only see them for like 40-50 seconds before I can't target them anymore... any idea what's going on with that??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaver View Post
    SP is performing very well on ST and is great on cleave.
    “Is” being they keyword there and even thing, we’re solid ST if we can ignore 90% of the fight, “very well” is an overstatement. We’re great on cleave because of AS and Crit.

    Come 8.3, the subject of the discussion at hand, we’ll be mediocre ST *at best* and decent at cleave unless they plan on other changes that help things that aren’t AS or dots (which would surprise the fuck out of me).

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