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    Ulduar and Karazhan. Nighthold was pretty good too.

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    Blackrock Foundry and Nighthold are the ones that stand out in my memory.

    SoO was also an interesting raid, but it lasted so long that I simply cannot remember it in a positive light. It does however represent a chunk of my happiest time in this game overall with Guild and class and gameplay combined.
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    Ulduar and Nighthold. Both had these themes throughout the whole raid, but different boss-fight which are easy to remember and point out. For me, that shows that the raid had a good variety of types of bosses, while bring true to the theme thus excellent raids. Elisande, one of the funniest bossfights I've ever done. Hodir as well, that crit damage buff, awesome!

    Not to mention I have cleared Ulduar regularly the last 10 years. Fu*%$&# sh@$&$mount. :P
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