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    1000 wins New Hero Portraits!

    Looking ahead, we want to continue celebrating personal successes and milestones for all you dedicated Hearthstone players. Our next major update will introduce some really cool new portraits that you can earn by earning 1,000 wins with each class. Wins earned before this update goes live will retroactively count towards these totals. Take a look at a couple of examples below and start stacking up those wins!

    Source: https://news.blizzard.com/en-us/hear...to-hearthstone

    For one, I only have a class at over 600 wins (warrior) and everybody else is at 200-300.

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    Im so happy about this!111111111!!!!
    I think i have 1000 wins with rogue...give a second to check!

    Edit: I have 1700 wins with rogue!
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    It's nice to see a game reward veteran players. Plus, N'zoth is coming back? That's my favorite card!
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    Quote Originally Posted by joebob42 View Post
    How do you know how many wins you have? I only see my class levels.
    When you are on the screen about to enter a ranked match. When you are on the deck selection screen.
    Right bottom corner with a red background.

    Says the amount of wins in white, i think.

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    That's actually really awesome.

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    Nice, but how about making the game fun again.

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    500 seems so far away, I'll never reach 1000.

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    Great idea, looks like future or alternative version of base heroes. Anduin looks like BFA era Anduin, Guldan looks more like Legion version of himself and Jaina is BFA hairstyle but with fire instead of frost magic. I wonder what other heroes will look like? Some of my guesses:

    Garrosh - Sha infested
    Uther - Spectral/Ghost
    Thrall - either classic Warcraft 3 doomplate or BFA old and not really shamanic
    Malfurion - no idea, maybe bear form malfurion? kek
    Rexxar - no idea, but perhaps a version with axes instead of a bow? or maybe a picture that has mishe in the back or something
    Valeera - umm... no idea. Pirate Valeera?

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    there will be a blog post today from the blizzard team, including giving the full list of wild cards going to standard on the meta shaking event.

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    Got 1000+ wins on Rogue
    850+ on Mage and Hunter
    600+ on Druid
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    Quote Originally Posted by melzas View Post
    Valeera - umm... no idea. Pirate Valeera?
    Sweet mother of Lord...you were right i cant believe it

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    It's a nice addition. Got 1k on all classes except shaman and paladin, where I have like 850-900, time to finish these.

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    Quite disappointed that they're using the same emotes as the OG heroes. Was it so hard to record some additional lines? I mean, they do it all the time for secondary characters...
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    Jesus, I'm nowhere near 500 on most characters. Although I guess it'll give me a motive to play the two I have finished.
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    Look Batman really isn't an accurate source by any means
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    It is a fact, not just something I made up.

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